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2022 Gold Coins

Buy 2022 gold coins from Suisse Gold. Suisse Gold sells a wide range of gold coins to investors. 2022 gold Eagles, 2022 gold Maple Leafs, 2022 gold Philharmonics, and 2022 Britannias are all available. Other popular coins, such as the 2022 gold Panda and 2022 gold Sovereign can also be purchased from Suisse Gold. Suisse Gold is Europe's top seller of gold coins online to investors in Euroepe and worldwide. Coins may be purchased for VAT-Free Swiss storage and worldwide delivery. 

Investing in Gold Coins

For investors looking to build a balanced portfolio, gold coins can be essential. Investors should consider placing 5-20% of their portfolio's value into gold or bullion coins. Gold frequently acts as a strong hedge against market turmoil or uncertainty, and 2022 gold coins can help to hedge any portfolio against market recession or inflation. 

Why Buy Gold Coins?

One of the main reasons to buy gold coins is to build a strong, diversified portfolio. A savvy investors looks to add a variety of investment assets into their portfolio.

Gold, and gold coins specifically, are used to provide that diversification because gold gains value when the market is down, and it holds value when the market is up. That’s the opposite of many other investment options. But most importantly, when markets turn down suddenly, due to uncertainty or recessions or inflation, gold will gain in value, and this will help to mitigate any portfolio against losses. With coins, you not only get the spot gold value, but many have an additional value above that.

Popular 2022 Gold Coins

Suisse Gold sells a wide range of the most popular 2022 gold coins available worldwide. These include 2022 gold Eagles, 2022 gold Buffaloes, 2022 gold Maple Leafs, 2022 gold Philharmonics, 2022 gold Britannias, 2022 gold Krugerrands, 2022 gold Kangaroos, and others. 

All 2022 gold coins sold by are recognised worldwide, and sourced from some of the most reputable mints worldwide. 

2022 Gold Maple Leaf

The Maple Leaf comes from Canada’s Royal Canadian Mint, and it prominently features a Canadian Maple Leaf on the reverse side of the coin. While lacking in specialty artistic depictions and collectability, these coins are highly reliable and extremely valuable. They are some of the most recognised coins worldwide.

2022 Gold Krugerrand

The gold Krugerrand is a South African coin that prominently features a gazelle on the reverse. These coins accounted for 90% of all gold coins sold worldwide in the 1970s, and still remain some of the most popular today. They have a slight reddish tint due to a copper alloy that is added to the coins in order to make them more durable. The design of the Krugerrand coin, which also features Paul Kruger, has remained the same since its first release in 1967.

2022 Gold Philharmonic

First released in 1989, the Gold Philharmonic coin is popular worldwide. They are made by the Austrian Mint, and they are commemorative of the world-renowned Austrian Philharmonic orchestra. The obverse of these coins features the iconic organ, while the reverse features several instruments used by the orchestra.

2022 Gold Britannia

The Britannia is one of the most iconic bullion coins on the market. Whether purchased as a coin or a bar, the Britannia features lady Britannia in traditional garb and armor; wielding a trident and shield adorned with the union flag. These coins are highly popular around the world, and they’re known as one of the most secure coins due to several advanced features and animated artistic depictions. The image of Lady Britannia was first featured on British coinage during the Roman Empire, and has been used to represent Britain on currency numerous times since. 

Worldwide Delivery of Gold Coins

Suisse Gold offers worldwide delivery and secure vault storage of the highest quality bullion products available around the world. We accept 20 different international currencies, including BTC, USD, GBP, CHF, and EUR, and we offer secure vault storage in our Swiss vaults which is also available to clients worldwide. Suisse Gold's vault storage feature also allows clients to benefit from VAT-free transactions on silver, platinum, and palladium.