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2022 Silver Coins

Buy brand new and uncirculated 2022 silver coins from Available 2022 silver coins include 2022 silver Eagles, 2022 silver Maple Leafs, 2022 silver Philharmonics, 2022 silver Britannias and 2022 silver Kangaroos. Collectible coins, including 2022 Pandas, 2022 Koalas, and Kookaburras are also available. All 2022 silver coins are in brilliant uncirculated condition with a minimium fineness of 999+. Coins are available individually, in tubes of either 20 or 25 coins, or in monster boxes.

Each year, several of the world’s top refineries and mints release brand-new variants of their most popular silver coins.

Why Buy Silver Coins?

Silver is an amazing investment. It counters the growth and stagnation patterns of gold perfectly. However, some people wonder why they should buy silver coins over bars. After all, bars are pretty much the standard in the bullion industry. Well, coins provide a couple of key benefits.

First, all silver coins are government backed. This means that they are issued on behalf of a government, and are guaranteed to the legal tender value featured on each coin. Although the coin's silver content is worth much more than the government's legal tender value, this fact does reassure many investors to the reliability of silver coins.

Additionally, silver coins are recognised worldwide. This makes them easier to liquidate at a later date. They also have a legal tender value, this can have added VAT or tax benefits in some countries. 

Finally, most silver coins have quite intricate designs on them, and their artistic appeal far outweighs that of silver bars. 

Why is Silver Investing so Popular?

Silver is popular as an investment for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it’s accessible.

With most silver coins sold in a 1 ounce size, and silver's price fluctuating between €20 and €30 per ounce, silver is much more affordable than gold. This allows clients to build over portfolios incrementally, over time, but also to sell small portions of a portfiolio as and when necessary. 

Silver also has a contrarian relationship with gold. When the gold price goes up, silver holds its value. When the silver price goes up, gold holds its value. Silver essentially acts as a hedge for gold without paralelling the price of the stock market.

2022 Maple Leafs:

The 2022 Maple Leaf silver coin sticks to its traditional design with slight alterations. First, the obverse side’s depiction of Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait is changed to a more youthful and dynamic design. The image of the Maple Leaf on the reverse of the coin is also more detailed. These coins have a number of security features which prevent them from being counterfeited, 

These 1-ounce coins are made from pure 999 fine silver and can be purchased individually, in multiples of 25, and in monster boxes of 500 coins.

2022 Silver Eagles:

The 2022 silver Eagle series coin features an obverse with lady liberty herself; complete with a flowing gown and ornate details. The reverse features the majestic bald eagle that serves as the mascot of the United States. The edges of both sides feature identifying markings without interrupting the artistic depictions.

Each 2022 silver Eagle is made of 999 fine silver. The design of the silver American Eagle coin was updated halfway through 2021, and 2022 is the first full year to feature this new design. Silver Eagles are available individually, in tubes of 20 and in monster boxes of 500 coins.

2022 Philharmonics:

The Philharmonics coin has been a staple among collectors and investors for decades. The Philharmonic silver coin has kept the same design since its launce in 2008. The obverse features a series of violins led by a cello, and the reverse features the orchestra's primary performance hall. 

These are 1-ounce, pure 999 silver coins. These coins may be purchased individually, in tubes of 20 coins, and in monster boxes of 500 coins.

2022 Krugerrands:

These South African coins feature a gazelle in a majestic pose surrounded by its identifying markings. On the obverse, you’ll find a detailed portrayal of Paul Kruger, one of South Africa's most well-known presidents.

These silver coins are 999 fine silver. The Krugerrand has been in ciruclation in gold since 1967, but was released in silver in 2016 to compete with the popularity and price of the silver maple Leaf. The coin has been a success and today is one of the most popular silver bullion coins sold.

2022 Silver Britannias:

The Britannia coin also features the same design that it launched with in 1997. Britannia coins in gold, silver or platinum are very popular. Each 1-ounce 2022 silver coin feature a detailed depiction of Lady Britannia herself amid the high seas on one side, and the reverse features Elizabeth II.

These coins are 999 pure silver. These coins are sold individually, in tubes of 25 coins, or in monster boxes of 500 coins. These coins have added tax benefit for UK residents, as they are not subject to Capital Gains Tax.

VAT-Free Silver Storage in Switzerland: offers its clients VAT-Free storage of all 2022 silver coins in Switzerland. Silver coins are subject to VAT at a rate of 20% within Europe for clients who prefer to take delivery. 

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