2023 Silver Bars and Coins

Buy 2023 Silver bullion coins online from SuisseGold.eu. Coins may be purchased individually, in tubes of 20 or 25 coins, or in monster boxes of 500 coins. All 2023 silver coins are in brilliant, uncrirculated condition, and have just been released. 2023 Silver Philharmonics, American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, British Britannias, South African Krguerrands, Chinese Pandas, and Australian Kangaroos are available. Other 2023 silver coins, including Noah’s Arc silver coins, silver Somalian Elephants, and silver Koalas are also available. Coins may be purchased for worldwide delivery or for secure, Swiss vault storage.

Buying 2023 Silver Coins

All silver coins are investment grade, which means that they have a minimum fineness of 999. Some coins also have a higher purity of 9999. All silver coins are officially backed by the government that releases them.

2023 Silver Maple Leafs

First released in the 1980s, the silver Maple Leaf coin has become an iconic feature in any investment portfolio. These coins feature an image of a Canadian Maple Leaf, which is the official symbol of Canada, on the reverse. The front features an image of King Charles III, and 2023 marks the first year that His Majesty features on the front of the coin. The Canadian Maple Leaf is one of the purer silver coins available to investors, and all new coins have a purity of 9999.

2023 Silver Britannias

The Britannia silver coin feature an image of Lady Britannia on the front. Lady Britannia first appeared on coins during the Roman Empire, and she has appeared intermittently on British coins since then. The front of the coin features an image of King Charles III. These coins have a purity of 9999, and a legal tender value that is backed by the British government. Furthermore, all profits on silver Britannias for UK residents are VAT-exempt. These coins are popular worlwide, but particularly in Europe and in commonwealth countries.

2023 Silver Krugerrands

Although the gold Krugerrand was first released in 1967, South Africa did not release a silver Krugerrand until 2016. Featuring a similar design to the gold Krugerrand, the silver Krugerrand was created to compete with the global popularity of the silver Maple Leaf coin. These coins feature an image of Paul Kruger, South Africa's first president, on the front. The reverse features an image of a Springbok. Silver Krugerrands were immediately popular following their release, and the 2023 silver Krugerrand is no different.

2023 Silver Philharmonics

First issued by Austria in 2008, the silver Philharmonic is the only coin issued in larger quantities that has a legal tender value denominated in Euros. This coin was designed to honour Austria's world-famous Vienna Philharmonic. The coin features an image of the Vienna concert hall on one side, and a composite of instruments used by the orchestra on the reverse. These coins feature the same design each year, and only the year of minting is updated.

Investing in 2023 Silver Coins Online

For clients of SuisseGold.eu, silver coins are available for worldwide delivery. Silver coins can be purchased individually or in wholesale quantities. For clients who do not wish to pay VAT, or who prefer not to take delivery of their purchase, secure Swiss vault storage is also available. VAT-Free storage is free of charge for the first year. Clients may purchase 2023 silver coins in any of 20 currencies, and 8 cryptocurrencies.

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