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Next Day Shipping offers its clients the option to buy gold and silver bullion with immediate shipping options as part of its quick ship program. For clients that require immediate bullion delivery, this option is very popular. 

How Does Next Day Shipping Work?

In order to be able to dispatch your order, we require confirmation of cleared payment. For clients that choose to pay using Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies, this process is nearly instantaneous - we are able to confirm payment within minutes or hours. For clients selecting to pay via wire transfer, payment can take longer. For clients located within Europe, payments clear within 1-2 business days. However, for clients located outside of Europe, payments can sometimes take 3-4 days to clear.

Once your payment has been fully cleared, we will immediately dispatch your order. Please note that we cannot guarantee next day delivery. However, most European orders are delivered within 2-3 days. For clients located outside of Europe, deliveries can take 5-7 days. Sometimes customs will hold packages for a period time, further delaying deliveries. This is something that is outside of our control, and which we are unable to influence. 

Why Chose Next Day Shipping?

Next day shipping is a popular option for individuals who live outside of our normal shipping zones, and who are traveling within Europe for several weeks, where they would like to take delivery of their purchases. It is also a popular option for European expats, living outside of Europe. 

Placing an Order for Next Day Shipping

For clients that would prefer next day shipping, there is no shipping premium on your purchase. Payment for orders may be placed in any of 16 currencies, and in cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. For clients that do not wish to take delivery of their purchase, offers VAT-exempt storage in Switzerland.