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2022 Platinum Coins

Buy 2022 Platinum coins from sells a wide range of platinum coins to customers worldwide. Coins available include 2022 platinum Maple Leafs, platinum Krugerrands, Kangaroos, Philharmonics, Eagles and newly issued 2022 platinum coins, such as the Gibraltar platinum coin and the Chinese Panda platinum coins. Most platinum coins are available in a 1 Ounce size, however some fractional platinum coins are also available. 2022 platinum coins are available for worldwide delivery and VAT-free Swiss storage.

Who Uses Platinum?

Platinum demand is increasing annually, with the precious metal being coveted in a wide range of sectors. The metal is used by the automotive industry in order to make catalytic converters. This accounts for the majority of platinum demand worldwdie annually. Platinum jewelry is the second largest market. Platinum demand is also driven by a number of different industrial applications, including electronics, medical technology, nitric acid fertilizers, and turbine engines. Finally, the metal is also used in the investment bullion sector of the financial industry, as purchasing physical platinum bullion as an investment has grown increasingly popular. 

Why is Buying Platinum Coins So Popular?

Since the turn of the twenty-first century, yearly global demand for platinum coins has averaged slightly more than 7 million ounces. A few key sectors drive the global demand for platinum, with the bulk of platinum demand originating from the automotive industry's need for catalytic converters to help cut emissions.

The metal's failure to continue increases through 2021 was partly a result of ongoing COVID-19-related interruptions and supply chain problems, most notably owing to the automotive semiconductor scarcity in the first half of the year. As automotive demand continues to grow, so does demand for platinum, likely increasing the metal's value going forward.

Platinum 2022 Philharmonics

The Austrian Mint manufactures the 2022 1 oz Vienna Philharmonic platinum bullion coin in 99.95 percent pure platinum. The Austrian Mint, or Münze Osterreich, is one of Europe's oldest mints.

The face of the 1 oz platinum Vienna Philharmonic coin depicts the Great pipe organ of the Vienna Concert Hall, surrounded by the inscription "Republik Oesterreich" and the coin's weight purity, and issuance year, 2022.

The back of the coin has a cello, a Viennese horn, a harp, and a bassoon from the Vienna Philharmonic ensemble. The Austrian Mint's principal engraver engraves both coin faces.

Platinum 2022 Maple Leafs

The Canadian Maple Leaf Series is the only bullion coin series that is available in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The coin features an image of the Queen on one side, and an image of a Canadian Maple Leaf on the other. The platinum Maple Leaf was launched in 1988, and was originally available in 5 sizes. However, in 2009 production changed and the coin was made available in one size only - a 1 Ounce platinum coin. 

Platinum 2022 Krugerrands

The South African Krugerrand is the world's oldest gold bullion coin, minted for investment and collector purposes since 1896. The series began in 1967 with solely gold coins and was designed to aid in the global marketing of South African gold. The series' first silver and platinum coins were produced in 2017. The platinum Krugerrand has quickly become a favorite of investors due to the existing success of the gold Krugerrand. Platinum Krugerrand feature the same design as all other Krugerrand coins. A portrait of Paul Kruger appears on one side, with an image of a Springbok on the other. You may buy 2022 1 oz South African Platinum Krugerrand Coins at

Platinum 2022 Britannias

Britannia is the feminine embodiment of the United Kingdom, a long-standing emblem that has featured on currency for centuries. She has expressed the nation's spirit and ideals across changes in art and politics, technology and popular culture. The design incorporates a prominent silhouette of Britannia, continuing a long tradition of representations of the renowned figure. Each Britannia platinum coin has a face value of £100 GBP. The coins feature an image of Queen Elizabeth II on one side, and the image of Lady Britannia on the other. These coins have special investment benefits for UK residents, as investment profits from Britannias are exempt from capital gains tax. 

Storing Platinum Coins VAT-Free

VAT-free platinum coins are available to all clients of via our vault storage program. VAT-free Swiss storage is available to all clients free of charge the first year.