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The Royal Canadian Mint is located in Ottowa, Canada, and is responsible for producing all of Canada's coins. These include all Canadian Dollar coin currency in addition to precious metals coins. Furthermore, the mint runs a fully operational refinery.

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Initially all Canadian coins were minted at the Royal Mint in London. But as Canada's relevancy grew, it became apparent that its demands for coin currency also increased. In 1901 Canada was authorised by the United Kingdom government to open its own branch of the Royal Mint in Ottawa. At the time of the great depression, The Royal Canadian Mint became fully independent of the Royal Mint in London. Today the Royal Canadian Mint operates out of Ottawa, and a second branch exists in Winnipeg. In addition to producing Canadian coinage and precious metals coins, the Royal Canadian Mint has also produced currency for a number of other governments worldwide. Precious metals produced by the Royal Canadian Mint are some of the most recognised worldwide.

The Design of the Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint is most famous among precious metals enthusiasts for its production of the Canadian Maple Leaf series. All coins produced in the Canadian Maple Leaf series feature an image of Queen Elizabeth II on the front. The word 'Elizabeth II' is inscribed above her portrait, and at the bottom is the coin's face value and year of minting.

 The reverse of the coin features an image of a Canadian Maple leaf. The word 'Canada' is inscribed at the top of the coin, and below it is the coin's metal type, weight, and fineness.

The Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

The Canadian Maple Leaf coin was first released in 1979 in gold. The one ounce coin has a face value of $50 CAD. The Canadian Maple Leaf coin has since been released in 1 gram, 1/25 Ounce, 1/20 Ounce, 1/10 Ounce, 1/4 Ounce and 1/2 Ounce sizes. In 2007, a special edition gold Maple Leaf coin was also released with a weight of 100 KG and a face value of $1,000,000 CAD. 

Gold Maple Leaf Coin Face Values

1/25 Ounce $0.50 CAD
1/20 Ounce $1.00 CAD
1/10 Ounce $5.00 CAD
1/4 Ounce $10.00 CAD
1/2 Ounce $20.00 CAD
1 Ounce $50.00 CAD
100 Kilogram $1,000,000.00 CAD


The Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin was initially released as a 999 fine gold bullion coin, from 1979 until 1982. However, in 1982 the purity of the coin was increased to 9999 fine. Since 1982, all Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins in manufactured have a minimum of 9999 purity. 

In 2005 The Royal Canadian Mint released the first 99999 fine gold bullion coin - a special edition gold Maple Leaf coin, and in 2007 an annual 99999 gold Maple Leaf coin was released by the mint. The 99999 fine gold Maple Leaf coin has a face value of $200 CAD. These coins are quite soft due to the purity of the gold, and therefore can be scratched or damaged easily. A special edition 'Call of the Wild' series of 99999 fine gold Maple Leaf coins was released by the Royal Canadian Mint. These include the Howling Wolf, Growling Cougar, Roaring Grizzly and Golden Eagle. 

The gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin is very popular with precious metals investors. In addition to the beautiful design of the coin, they are manufactured by the world-renowned Royal Canadian Mint. The 1 Ounce gold Maple Leaf coin is the most popular gold Maple Leaf coin available. sells the 1 Ounce Gold Maple Leaf coin individually. It is also available at low premium, wholesale rates in tubes of 20 pieces. For investors looking to build a precious metals portfolio or to buy gold coins to add to a precious metals or investment portfolio, the gold Canadian Maple Leaf is an excellent choice. 

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The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

The silver Canadian Maple Leaf coin was first released by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1988. Unlike the gold Maple Leaf series, the silver Maple Leaf coin is primarily only available in the 1 Ounce size. The coin's design is similar to that of the gold Maple Leaf coin. All 1 Ounce silver Maple Leaf coins contain 9999 fine silver bullion. In 2014, a micro-engraved laser mark was introduced onto all Royal Canadian Mint coins. This laser mark helps prevent counterfeiting of the coins, as it is virtually impossible to reproduce. The hallmark is a small image of a Maple Leaf, which is located to the bottom right of the Maple Leaf.  

The Royal Canadian Mint has released a number of special edition series of silver Maple Leaf coins. These include the 'Canadian Wildlife Series', the 'Birds of Prey Series' and the 'Predator Series'. 

The Maple Leaf Birds of Prey Series

In 2017 the Royal Canadian Mint also released a 10 Ounce silver Maple Leaf coins. This coin is now released each year, in addition to the 1 Ounce silver Maple Leaf. The 10 Ounce silver Maple Leaf coin also contains 9999 fine silver bullion. These coins come in a plastic case, in order to prevent damage. They are available individually. 

Silver Maple Leafs are very popular with silver investors. Those looking to purchase larger amounts of silver Maples can invest in monster boxes, which contain 500 coins. These monster boxes come directly from the Royal Canadian Mint, and feature 20 tubes of 25 coins each, sealed in a large plastic monster box. The silver Maple Leaf coin has a relatively low premium compared to other silver coins, and therefore is very popular with silver investors, and with individuals looking to buy silver coins to add to an investment portfolio. 

The Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf 

The Platinum Maple Leaf coin was first released in 1988, the same year as the silver Maple Leaf, by the Royal Canadian Mint. All platinum Maple Leaf coins are 9995 fine. Each 1 Oz platinum Maple Leaf coin has a face value of $50 Canadian Dollars. Canada is the third largest producer of platinum in the world, following South Africa and Russia (although Russia and South Africa account for approximately 90% of world platinum production).

When first released in 1988, the platinum Maple Leaf coin was available 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz and 1 oz sizes. A 1/20 oz platinum Maple Leaf coin was also released in 1993, but its minting was temporary. Minting of fraction platinum Maples was halted in 2009, and today the coin is only available in the 1 Ounce size. 

Platinum is an interesting precious metal investment opportunity, as its price doesn't necessarily correlate to the gold price. Normally, platinum trades at a premium over the gold price, however occasionally the platinum price dips below the gold price. Many precious metals investors view this as a good opportunity to buy platinum. Platinum's price is highly dependent on economic, political and social conditions in South Africa and Russia, as these two countries account for over 90% of platinum production. South Africa alone accounts for approximately 70%. Changes in labour laws, politics and trade tariffs can greatly impact the platinum price. 

Finally, there is huge demand for platinum by the automobile industry for catalytic converters in luxury cars. Therefore, demand for luxury cars can also impact platinum prices. 

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The Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf

The palladium Maple Leaf coin was first introduced into the precious metals market by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2005. Since that time, the mint has introduced a new 1 oz palladium Maple Leaf coin each year, with the exception of 2008. The palladium Maple Leaf coin is 9995 fine pure palladium. Each coin has a face value of $50 Canadian Dollars. 

Because palladium has a lower demand as an investment precious metal than gold or silver, these coins are minted in limited quantities each year. Palladium is classed as a platinum group metal (PGM). This means that platinum and palladium are almost always mined together. Palladium normally trades significantly lower than platinum. In fact, both platinum and palladium are used to make catalytic converters in automobiles. However, platinum is used predominantly only in luxury vehicles. Like platinum, almost all palladium comes from South Africa and Russia, and the metal's price can also be significantly affected by economic and social conditions in these two countries

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Royal Canadian Mint Gold and Silver Bars

In addition to their ever popular series of Canadian Maple Leaf coins, the Royal Canadian Mint also sell a series of gold and silver bars that are available to precious metals investors. These bars are designed primarily for gold and silver investors, not collectors. The Royal Canadian Mint gold bar is available in minted wafer style in 1 Ounce, 5 Ounce and 10 Ounce sizes. The mint also manufacture institutional gold bullion bars which range in size from 1 Kilogram to 400 Ounces. All Royal Canadian Mint gold bars are LBMA good delivery, and contain 9999 fine gold bullion. sell the Royal Canadian Mint gold bar in 1 Ounce, 10 Ounce and 1 Kilogram sizes to clients. The smaller sizes gold wafer bars were recently released by the mint, and feature a design inspired by the Maple Leaf coin. The reverse side of the bar features a repeating Maple Leaf logo, and all bars come with a serial number. 

The Royal Canadian Mint silver bar series is available as a 10 Ounce, 100 Ounce and 1000 Ounce silver bar. sell the 10 Ounce and 100 Ounce Royal Canadian Mint silver bars. Like the smaller sized gold bars, the 10 Ounce RMC silver bar comes with a similar design to the 1 Ounce RCM gold bar. The reverse of the bar features a repeating Maple Leaf design. All RCM silver bars contain 9999 fine silver bullion.

The RCM gold and silver bar series are a good investment option for individuals buying gold or silver as part of a portfolio. The brand is well known, and the bars are designed specifically for precious metals investors. 

How to Buy Royal Canadian Mint Bullion

If you are interested in purchasing any of the Royal Canadian Mint gold, silver, platinum or palladium bars or coins you may do so directly at Clients may pay for their order in any of 15 currencies or 5 cryptocurrencies. All items are available for delivery or for secure Swiss vault storage. For clients located in Europe, silver, platinum and palladium can be purchased for vault storage VAT-free. 

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