Valcambi SA

Valcambi SA is one of Switzerland's largest precious metals refineries, located in the Italian part of the country, in Balerna, Ticino. The company specializes in the refining and manufacturing of precious metals, including investment products for institutional and retail investors. 

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A History of Valcambi SA

Valcambi SA was originally founded in 1961 in Switzerland, under the name Valor & Cambi. In 1968 the refinery was purchased by Credit Suisse, which was then and still is one of Switzerland's largest and most successful private banks. Through its ownership via Credit Suisse, Valcambi precious metals products were granted COMEX and London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) good delivery status. 

It was at this time that Credit Suisse began to enter the precious metals market, and Valcamb began to refine gold and silver bullion bars on behalf of the bank. Credit Suisse gold and silver bars quickly became recognised worldwide, as they were one of the first financial institutions to enter the retail precious metals market targeting individual investors in the 1970's and 1980's. 

In 2001 Credit Suisse withdrew from the precious metals business, and sold Valcambi to a company called European Global Refiners, which was then sold onto Global Gold Refineries Ltd. 

Today, Valcambi is 95% owned by REL Singapore PTE Ltd, located in Singapore, and Rajesh Exports Limited, in Bangalore, India own the remaining 5% share of the company. 

Valcambi still continue to manufacture precious metals bars in their own name, and in the name of Credit Suisse. Valcambi investment bullion products are recognised and coveted worldwide, due to their high quality and reputation among investors.

The Valcambi Logo

The valcambi Logo is designed to represent 4 triangles, and likewise a diagonally cut 400 Ounce gold bullion bar. The concept of four triangles creating a square is one that has been used throughout history, most famously by the Egyptians in constructing the pyramids. It is on this historical relevance that the Valcambi logo is based. 

About Valcambi Bars

Valcambi bars are available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium in a range of sizes, from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. Valcambi bars are designed for precious metals investors, as the brand is readily available on the market, and the bars sell at a low margin over the spot price. The most popular sizes are the 1 Ounce Valcambi Gold Bar, the 1 Kilo Valcambi Silver Bar, the 1 Ounce Valcambi Platinum Bar, and the 1 Ounce Valcambi Palladium Bar


All Valcambi precious metals products feature the Valcambi logo, with the weight, fineness and serial number of the bar. Minted bars are available in sizes ranging from 1 gram to 1 Kilogram. Valcambi also manufacture cast bars, which are poured and then stamped. These are available in larger sizes, including 100 gram, 500 gram and 1 kilogram sizes.

Valcambi Combibars

In 2011 Valcambi introduced the 'combibar'. The Combibar was designed in the wake of the Euro crisis. At that time, many individuals were unsure if the Euro would survive or collapse under the weight of debt of certain EU countries, and many of Europe's banks. The combibar was designed to fit into your wallet. It is shaped like a credit card, and features a number of smaller Valcambi bars that can be broken off of one another to be used as payment in the event that fiat currency is not available. The Valcambi combibar is available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. 

Unlike traditional Valcambi bars, these combibars do not have serial numbers. This is due to the size of the 1 gram or 1/10 ounce sized pieces that break off. However, each piece does have the Valcambi logo, and the bar's weight and fineness. These bars are quite popular among collectors and individuals skeptical of the future of the Euro or the US Dollar. Valcambi was the first refinery to release a bar like this, however since that time, many others have introduced multigram bars, which are modeled after the success of the combibar.

Credit Suisse Bars

Valcambi SA still manufacture gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars on behalf of the bank. Credit Suisse bars are not available in all sizes, however they are a very popular range. The 1 Ounce Credit Suisse gold bar is one of the most popular bars available on the market today. These bars feature the Credit Suisse logo, with the bar's weight, fineness and serial number located below. The reverse of the bar feature a repeating pattern of the Credit Suisse logo. Credit Suisse gold bars are available in 1 or 10 Ounce sizes. 

Smaller Credit Suisse bars are available in the 'Liberty' series. These are available in gold and platinum, in 1 gram and 5 gram sizes. The Liberty bars were designed for the American precious metals market, but they are available to clients worldwide. 

Valcambi gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars are recognised worldwide. They are available in a wide range of sizes, and sold at a low premium, making them a highly attractive brand to bullion investors. 

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