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Italian Citizens May Own the Government's Gold
Deutsche Bank and the Gold Price Fixing Scandal
The Future of Deutsche Bank
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The Gold Markets in 2019
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Wealth Heads East
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Platinum and Unions: Who Will Win?
Is the Practice of Central Banking Credible?
Does the US Jobs Report Paint a Bright Outlook for Precious Metals?
Could Putin Trigger the End of the Dollar?
What Does the Rise of China Mean for Precious Metals?
Is Demand From Indian Consumers Set to Drive the Price of Gold Up?
Debt Growth Across the Globe
An Eerie Connection to the 1970's
Money Supply and Equity Markets Since 2007
Russia Increases Demand For Gold
Will Draghi and the ECB Follow the Lead of the US and UK?
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The Rest of 2014 Looks Good For Gold
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The Currency Against Which Gold is Measured Matters
A Look at the Debt Era
Could Non-Performing Loans be the Next Trigger
Retail Sales Point Towards a Run-up in Gold
Global Disposable Income
Perhaps the Gold Market Does Care About America
Gold During Fed Tightening Cycles
Global Value-Added (GDP) and Gold
Is it Time for the USA and China to Start Printing Money Again?
Can the Fed use Gold as the Vacuum to Higher Inflation?
Gold YTD Projections for the Rest of 2015
Job Growth in Big Countries around the World
Do Central Bankers Play Politics?
Market Overview - October 20, 2016
market Overview - October 27, 2016
Market Overview - November 10, 2016
Gold and Trump
Market Overview - November 16, 2016
What is Happening in India?
Market Overview - November 21, 2016
Market Overview - November 27, 2016
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Market Overview - December 6 2016
Market Overview - December 14, 2016
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Is the US Economy in a Bubble?
Market Overview - January 3, 2017
Market Outlook, 2017
Market Overview - January 5, 2017
Palladium Soars
Market Overview - January 14, 2017
Market Overview - January 20, 2017
Market Overview - January 31, 2017
Market Overview - February 19, 2017
Greece and the Euro
Euro Uncertainty
Scottish Independence
Market Overview, March 1 2017
The US Jobs Report
Market Overview - March 13, 2017
Market Overview - Mar 20, 2017
Brexit Date Settled
Political Uncertainty & Precious Metals
Market Overview - April 2, 2017
Market Overview - April 6, 2017
Geopolitical Challenges of 2017
The Euro's Fall Against the Dollar
Market Overview - April 14, 2017
Market Overview - May 1, 2017
Commodity Outlook, May 2017
Market Overview - May 17, 2017
Gold Market Overview, May 22 2017
Europe Unites Against Britain
European Bank Solvency
China Crashes Bitcoin
Problems in The European Union
British Wealth Eroding
Brexit and British Inflation
Greece and the Euro
Brexit Stress Test
Is Brexit Unifying?
Department Stores Crash
The British Election and the Pound
The EU and UK Struggle Over a Brexit Deal
Germany and the Eurozone
Inverted Real Yields vs Gold
The Italian Referendum
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