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How Platinum Can Purify Water

Platinum's uses in catalytic converters as well as the health care industry are well-known. The white metal's investment potential is also very prominent. However, there are other applications of platinum which may have a significant impact on the metal's future value that are still quite unknown.

Recently, research conducted by USC (University of Southern California) states that the unique chemical properties of platinum can act as a treatment for harmful aldehydes in wastewater. This means is that platinum can act as a toxic-free way to remove harmful chemicals, and make undrinkable water potable.

According to USC, treating and reprocessing wastewater using platinum to make it potable may be a feasible option to address water shortages in certain regions. However, the process can be expensive and is still being researched. 

Water Purification With Platinum

If someone is looking to invest in platinum, then future industrial applications of the metal are definitely worth considering, as they could have a significant impact on the metal's value. The potential for platinum to clean unpotable water globally is huge. Researchers at USC have introduced the concept of using platinum to clean noxious toxins in water, in much the same way that the metal is used in catalytic converters to purify air pollutants. 

Their research states that precious metals’ chemical properties can be active to boost oxidation to alter once-toxic aldehydes into harmless carboxylic acids, making them safer to drink. When wastewater is reused, the resulting water is pure, but not completely.

However, platinum is able to increase the oxygen levels in the water supply to catalyze a reaction abiotically. With the use of platinum, water can be completely purified. 

The Future of Platinum

Both the healthcare and automotive sectors can be massively beneficial to platinum investors due to their impact on the metal's price. However, the prospects of water purification using platinum can open up enormous opportunities for the white metal the future. 

As platinum is quite rare, this kind of global use can have a huge impact on the metal's price. Because of platinum's rarity, demand increases can cause significant increases in the metal's price. By investing in platinum bars or coins, investors stand to benefit from future applications that use the white metal. Suisse Gold carries a wide range of platinum bars and coins, in sizes ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. VAT-Free platinum is also available.