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Invest In PAMP Platinum and Palladium

One of the most reputed names in the retail and wholesale market for the precious metal, PAMP, has been a significant name in the bullion trade for the last few decades. A leading refiner and manufacturer, PAMP was established in Switzerland in 1977, before being acquired four years later, by MKS SA (a trader of precious metals founded in 1979).

Together, PAMP evolved to become one of the most reputable and authorized suppliers of precious metals bars and coins worldwide, especially platinum and palladium.

PAMP Platinum Products 

PAMP Manufactures a range of platinum bullion bars. This includes the PAMP Fortuna series, the PAMP Lunar series and the PAMP Rosa series. Every PAMP platinum bar is either sealed in a plastic certicard or supplied in a plastic box which helps to prevent damage. Each bar comes with its own serial number. The PAMP Fortuna series platinum bars are highly sought-after by investors. There is a wide range of platinum bar sizes available in the Fortuna series, from 1 gram and 5 gram platinum bars up to 1 ounce and 10 ounce bars. 

All PAMP platinum products are beautifully designed, and made from 9995 platinum, which is investment grade.

PAMP Palladium Products 

The PAMP palladium 1 Oz and 10 Oz bars are the most popular among bullion investors. The 10 oz PAMP palladium bar, for example, is delicately designed. The front side of the palladium bar features a superb design of Lady Fortuna, alongside a representation of a cornucopia, which is a horn-shaped vessel that symbolizes wealth. 

The reverse side features the printed inscription of the bar's weight, metal name, fineness score (999.5 for all fine palladium bars), and a serial number unique to each bar. Like all their other bars, PAMP palladium bars come packed inside a superior grade, plastic case along with an assay card, which is to certify its authenticity.

Why PAMP Products Are So Popular?

PAMP Suisse bullion products are certified by the Swiss National Bank and the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association). This certification makes them not only an authorized manufacturer and supplier but trustworthy when it comes to authenticity.

Investors looking to buy PAMP platinum or PAMP palladium will greatly benefit from the authorized suppliers' legitimacy. This is the sole reason for which PAMP continues to be highly popular and an investable name among bullion buyers. 

Storing PAMP Products

All PAMP palladium and platinum bars can be stored in secured storage in Switzerland. PAMP Suisse storage is VAT-Free for all investors. Buyers looking to invest in PAMP platinum or palladium may also benefit from's VAT-free bullion storage option. 


The purchase of PAMP platinum and palladium bars is an excellent way to grow a diversified investment portfolio. As a precious investor, if you are looking to build a long-term precious metals portfolio, then consider PAMP platinum or palladium products available at