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Invest in PAMP Suisse Silver

Silver has always traded at a significantly lower price per ounce than gold or platinum. But when global inflation has upset the precious metals market and the silver price has dropped, is it still considered an appropriate investment?

Worldwide inflation has seriously diminished the price of silver. However, there is a lag on the price of silver in relation to inflation. Slowly, silver is showing signs of recovery. So, while silver is always a good investment, silver at its current price is considered to be a good buy. And one of the best brands available to investors is PAMP. 

About PAMP

PAMP (Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux) initiated its operation with a core focus on precious metals, including mining, assaying, and manufacturing. First established in 1977, PAMP was acquired by MKS SA, after which their operations began to grow exponentially.

PAMP is officially recognized by regulatory organizations and investors globally. When it comes to availing gold and silver bars, PAMP products are highly trusted in quality and finish, with the PAMP Silver Fortuna and Cast Silver Bars being the two top choices amongst buyers.

PAMP Cast Silver Bars

If you are thinking about buying silver bullion, you cannot go wrong with cast bars. The PAMP 1 Kg Cast Silver Bar is the most popular silver bar with investors today. PAMP silver cast bars are available between 10 Ounces, 100 Ounces, and 1 Kilogram in weight. 

These bars have become highly popular due to the company's unique minting process, which gives the bar a raw, semi-polished look. PAMP also offers its buyers the choice to invest in the bars in the bulk of 15 that come inside a monster box. PAMP Cast silver bar sell at a discount to their more elaborately designed minted bars, and this is an added bonus for investors who prefer to buy silver bars based on premium rather than design. 

PAMP Fortuna Silver Bars

The PAMP Silver Fortuna bars are one of the most beautifully designed bullion bars available today. The front of the bar shows a printed engraving of an image of Lady Fortuna: the Greek goddess of luck. These bars were one of the first artistically designed bullion products available to investors. The design is renowned worldwide.


The Fortuna Silver bar has many variations and is available in 100 grams, 250 grams, 1 Ounce, 5 Ounces, 10 Ounces, and 1 Kilogram sizes, respectively. Every PAMP Silver Fortuna bar has a fineness of .999 pure silver.

PAMP Lunar / Faith Silver Bars

The PAMP Lunar and Faith series silver bars are quite intricate in design and are considered collectible amongst investors. The Lunar series bars are available in 10-gram, 1-ounce, and 100-gram sizes. The Faith series are also known to be a religious series and are all available in 10-gram, 1-ounce, and 100-gram sizes.


The main risk with silver is that it is used as an industrial metal utilized in the production of technologies like microcircuits and medical equipment. That means the production cycles of said industries impact the value of silver. This makes silver much more volatile than gold.

If you are looking to invest in silver bars online, then visit Suisse Gold. The PAMP brand is considered one of the highest quality brands available to clients. With low silver prices that are showing slow recovery, buying PAMP silver bars, could be profitable as the world begins increasing production again and the silver price increases.