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Is Platinum Undervalued?

In terms of investable metals, gold and silver always seem to steal the limelight for their reliability and obvious prevalence in pop culture. However, this has left a huge window of opportunity open for those willing to invest in platinum.

The window is closing fast, though. So, your opportunity to make massive profits will quickly disappear if you don't invest quickly.

Let's dive into why that is.

Industrial Supply Demand:

Unlike gold and silver, which are used for everything from electronics to fashion accessories, platinum is most valued in the automotive manufacturing industry. This is due to the precious metal's use in catalytic converters; a part that is crucial for reducing the number of harmful contaminants that are released into the environment by your automobile.

Over the last decade, the demand to further reduce a vehicle's emissions has skyrocketed, and the advancement of catalytic converters and other parts needed to meet such demands has become a top priority for manufacturers.

This increase in demand, coupled with stagnant platinum availability, has created a growing platinum deficit that is predicted to reach record numbers very soon. As such, a metal that is currently not on most investors' shortlists will become a hot commodity in the blink of an eye.

To illustrate just how serious this supply and demand issue is, the platinum deficit shot up by nearly 100% last year. It's expected to climb several times that over the next year.

Investing in the Deficit:

Of course, a platinum deficit doesn't mean much if you still don't see its value. After all, that's why its market value is resting well below its true value right now; not enough people see it as a major investment opportunity.

However, that's changing at lightning speed, and the number of investors buying up platinum bars, coins, and other formats of minted platinum is growing dramatically. This influx of investments furthers the extent of the platinum deficit, increases its value, and in the long term, could provide a huge ROI to investors.

It's best to buy into the platinum opportunity before prices skyrocket. The platinum market is still waiting for investors to realise the huge opportunity that exists right now.

Will the Deficit Remain?

The platinum deficit is predicted to remain for at least the foreseeable future, but platinum's status as an undervalued metal will not. The metal is currently climbing in price due to the investment community developing a sense of value for it in their collections, and the automobile industry is valuing it more than most other raw materials at the moment.

This means that high prices will linger for quite some time once they hit their peak, and investment opportunities will trickle away.

Get Involved Now

While platinum is currently undervalued, the price is expected to spike over the next year. However, it's not predicted to have a lot of “dips” like the stock market or crypto market.

The best time to invest in platinum is now, and you can get started with