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Reasons to Buy Gold and Silver

Is the increased talk around investing in precious metals like gold and silver encouraging you to start investing? Are you still uncertain about whether this investment will be good or bad? Here are a few reasons to buy gold and silver.

The first thing experts emphasize is investing through buying gold and silver in physical form. Paper forms, including futures contracts and ETFs, might not be able to produce the same benefits. In fact, they are quite similar to the fiat currency that you are trying to hedge against. The real advantages lie in silver and gold bullion e.g, bars, coins, and jewellery.

Today, gold is outdated as a currency. Yet it still plays a vital role as money which makes it superior to all other currencies. After all, gold is money that outlasts any other currency’s history- its history as a store of value dates back 3000 years while the other longest-running currency, British Pound Sterling is only around 1200 years old. Gold was used as money for most of US history. Silver has also been used for coins for centuries. Both these metals are long-term stores of value.

Following on from this, silver and gold are both tangible assets. The mere fact that you can hold them physically protects you from many types of fraud, like hacking. Gold and silver bullion are out of the reach of third parties.

Moreover, tangible assets are not susceptible to market crashes, internet blackouts, and so on. This implies that possession of these precious metals will be the last ones standing in a serious crisis. These metals strengthen your portfolio especially when there is economic instability or geopolitical chaos.

Gold and silver hold their value through a crisis as proven historically. They can always be sold for currency anywhere in the world as they hold a universal value. Their value remains the same no matter where they are traded or used in the world. This helps to ensure financial security.

Another important attribute of these metals is the privacy and confidentiality that comes with owning them. No third party such as a financial consultant or financial institution is required for their expertise before investing. The opposite seems to be the case for most modern-day investments. Gold and silver investments ensure anonymity without being traced (although income taxes still need to be paid on holdings).

An ideal aspect of gold and silver is their high liquidity rate and portability. These precious metals are more liquid than any other investments. They can be sold easily in exchange for paper money through any means including coin shops, private parties, banks and online bullion dealers. This can be done anywhere in the world. Additionally, with these investments, you almost always get the right value in cash as their market price is transparent.