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Saving vs Investing in Gold

There are many opinions on the right amount of gold that should be added to a portfolio, and these opinions differ on one’s perspective of gold in general. Most people look to increase their return while investing. With gold investing, this means looking to buy gold at the current price and hold it until its price increases.

However, this isn't necessarily the best plan when buying gold. Gold can be used as a quick investment to flip for profit, but the main purpose of buying gold is to store monetary value outside of a mainstream currency that could lose its value. Gold can be used to get a good return on profit, but it holds much greater value in preserving your wealth.

Gold has always held a special place in the hearts of wealth preservers. Saving in gold can help to preserve generational wealth. It can also have inheritance benefits, depending on one's country of residence. 

The fact that central banks maintain some savings in gold is proof that gold is a valuable store of wealth, and is better to be considered as such then as a means to accumulate more wealth. The main reason gold maintains such appeal as a means of savings is because it cannot be made, printed, or devalued in the way that currency can. Gold holds its value.

Over time, global financial systems have becoming increasingly vulnerable. Spiraling debts, pandemics, and leveraged financial instruments have all made markets less certain. One way to combat this is to hold some of your savings in gold. Having gold in your asset portfolio in such trying times will produce a safe-haven for you. Gold can help protect your savings, even in the event of an economic crash. Wealth preservers know that gold holds its value over time regardless of short term price fluctuations.

Liquid money means having an asset which can be quickly converted for cash without any hassle. Gold is one of the best and most credible options for staying liquid. You may choose to buy gold as an investment, but gold's traditional role is still as a store of value, and a mecahnism for saving. 

Long term savings in precious metals can benefit both you and future generations if managed properly. Gold can cement your status.  By comparison, most currencies worldwide have lost most of their value within the last 100 years. 

If you would like to build a savings portfolio, or increase an existing one, then saving at least some of your money in gold should be considered.

Currency is needed for day to day use and fulfilling basic needs, but practically one aim for wealth accumulation should be saving in gold. It is one of the safest methods for preserving your wealth.

Central banks cannot control gold, and thus, it is not impacted by inflation the way that fiat currency is. Saving in gold will help strengthen a portfolio

Many investors believe that gold is one of the most sensible and safe investments that can make your money liquid. Most prudent investors' portfolios show that a 5%-20% portfolio should contain gold assets.

Gold's value can increase during shock events, and the recent coronavirus pandemic was proof enough of that. The trajectory of its price spiked very high during this pandemic as a result of uncertainty and fear.

A very stable and secure way of saving your money is gold. Gold encompasses every term related to wealth. Gold can be saved, invested into, and preserved. It is valuable and liquid. Gold is real money.