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The New 2022 Gold Krugerrand: A Coin Worth its Weight

Nowadays, gold has become such a precious commodity that for investors, gold presents an opportune pursuit of long-term wealth. A great opportunity to invest in gold presents itself with the gold Krugerrand coin from South Africa.

Originally designed to be used as currency, the Krugerrand gold coin is the earliest poster-child of gold coin makers that paved the way for many well-known brands today. It was one of the first gold bullion coins accessible to everyone. Even today, such is the case. Let us look at why the 2022 Krugerrand gold coins are by far one of the best investment options in gold today.

New Krugerrand gold coins in 2022: Is it a safe investment?

Investing in Krugerrand gold coins is one of the safest and wisest decisions when it comes to bullion investing. One of the best things about Krugerrand gold coins is their long-term value. 

They have appreciated in monetary value over the last 20 years, by up to 50% per annum. However, the major advantage of investing in Krugerrand gold coins is that they are also available in fractional sizes. Krugerrand gold coins can be bought at an ounce or half or quarter ounces, which allows an investor to buy gold incrementally, over time, if they prefer. It also allows an investor to sell their coins incrementally, instead of needing to sell one large position all at once.

This also makes investing in Krugerrands a very affordable option for both new and experienced investors. Furthermore, Krugerrands can also be easily be traded, as the Rand Refinery is recognised worldwide. 

Design of Krugerrand Gold Coins

Today, Krugerrands represent one of the most active markets in gold coins. Historically, the Krugerrand coin accounted for 90% of the gold coin market. To promote South African gold, the Krugerrand 1 ounce gold coin was created, with an estimation of about 50 million in circulation to date.

The Krugerrand coin features the face of Paul Kruger, a president of the South African Republic on one side, and a Springbok (the national animal of South Africa) on the other. The Krugerrand coin is 91.7% gold, while the rest is copper.

The 2022 Krugerrand gold coin is no different and feature thes same design. A 1 ounce Gold Krugerrand Coin is valued at an estimated £1,450, with a gold content weight of 31.1035 grams and a purity of 22-carat.

Final Thoughts

For those looking to begin out a trial investment in gold with minimal risk, the South African minted Krugerrand gold coins are the way to go. It is accessible and affordable, with high long-term value in the gold market.  Thus, with a history of pioneering the bullion industry, Krugerrand gold coins are have always been an investable option. If you are looking to make safe returns on gold investments, start by investing in Krugerrand gold coins.