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Why invest in PAMP Gold and Silver Bullion?

To start this post I would like to talk about the history of these bars, talk a little about the principles of the PAMP refinery and the prestige that these bars have in the precious metal market. PAMP Suisse bullion bars are backed by different organizations, including the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), which is an association of more than 145 companies from more than 30 different countries. The partners are predominantly banking institutions, traders, refiners, processors, producers, and manufacturers.

Four of the world's largest gold refineries are located in Switzerland, three of them are in the southern canton of Ticino. Although there are no Swiss gold mines, an estimated two-thirds of the world's gold is refined in this country.

PAMP is one of the most important Swiss refineries in the precious metal industry, and their precious metal products are manufactured under the highest standards in the industry. Their bullion bar are recognised worldwide.

The PAMP refinery is recognized worldwide for being at the forefront in the precious metals industry. The company was the first to design a bullion ingot with an image on the front of it with the launch of the PAMP Fortuna line. It is also the first refinery to market a Rhodium ingot for retail or private investors. 

PAMP brand gold bars are available in different sizes ranging from 1 gram to 1 kilogram, and also in 1 ounce and 10 ounce denominations. World standards require investment gold bars to be at least 999 (22 karat) fine. PAMP gold bars exceed this level, and all PAMP gold bars are 999.9 fine (24 karat).

PAMP Suisse silver bars and ingots are available in sizes ranging from 2.5 grams to 1 kilogram.

Apart from the quality of these PAMP bars, PAMP bars are also coveted for their design. PAMP has released a range of different designs. However, all PAMP gold bars come with their own serial number and certificate of authenticity.

In a future post, I will talk in more detail about the 1 Ounce PAMP Fortuna gold bar, which is the most popular bar produced by PAMP.

If you have already decided to invest in gold or silver bars from PAMP, gives you the support and ease of making your purchase online. You can view the gold bars that we have in stock from the PAMP refinery by clicking here, and you can view the silver bars that we have in stock from PAMP by clicking here.

At we accept more than 15 different currencies worldwide which makes your buying much easier, you can also buy precious metals from the PAMP refinery using cryptocurrencies.

When buying gold or silver bars at you can select immediate delivery of your products or you can use the storage vault in Switzerland, Singapore or Canada, which is free for one year from the date of purchase of your bars. If you have doubts or concerns about or the products we offer from the PAMP refinery, you can contact us by clicking here and we will gladly clarify all your concerns.