1 Ounce Platinum Kangaroo Coin - Year of our Choice

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Weight 31.105 Grams / 1.000 Oz
Serial Number No
Condition Uncirculated
Packaging Plastic Slip
Manufacturer Perth Mint


1 Ounce Platinum Kangaroo Coin - 9995 investment grade platinum bullion

Manufactured by the Perth Mint.

Design of the Perth Mint Kangaroo

The Kangaroo coin features an image of Queen Elizabeth II on the front. The words 'Elizabeth II' and 'Australia' appear around her portarit at the top of the coin. At the bottom of the coin is its face value of 100 Australian Dollars (AUD). The reverse of the coin features an image of a Red Kangaroo, indigenous to Australia, hopping. At the top of the coin, the words 'Australian Kangaroo' are inscribed. The bottom of the coin feature the coin's year of minting, its weight, and its purity. Coins are supplied in a plastic slip.

About the Platinum Kangaroo 

The Perth Mint Platinum Kangaroo coin is part of the Kangaroo series. The Kangaroo coin was first launched in 1986 as a gold nugget coin, however the image on the front of the coin was updated two years later to a Kangaroo, and the coin was renamed the Kangaroo series. The coin was also launched in silver in 2016, and in platinum in 2017. The Kangaroo coin is available in a 1 ounce size in silver and platinum, although the gold Kangaroo is also available in fractional sizes. 

What is the Perth Mint?

The Perth Mint is the official mint of Australia, and is responsible for manufacturing all precious metals products on behalf of the government of Australia. The mint was formed in 1899 as part of the Royal mint, and was initially responsible for manufacturing sovereign coins on behalf of the British government using gold that was mined in Australia. However, when Australia became indepenent from the United Kingdom, so did the mint, and it was renamed the Perth Mint. The mint manufactures a number of products for bullion investors. These include the silver Koala and Kookaburra series, the Platinum Platypus coin, and the Lunar series. In addition to the coins manufactured, the Perth Mint also manufacture gold, silver, and platinum bars for investors. 

Why Buy Platinum Coins?

Platinum has grown in popularity over the last two decades. This is due in part to the increased interest in platinum group metals (including palladium and rhodium). However, demand from the automobile industry has also sparked interest in the metal. Platinum coins are a great way to add platinum to a precious metals portfolio. Coins are issued by government backed mints and all platlinum coins have a legal tender value. This can have added VAT or Capital Gains Tax benefits for clients depending on their country of jurisdiction.

SuisseGold.eu sells platinum coins, including platinum Kangaroo coins, to investors worldwide for global delivery and VAT-Free storage. VAT-Free storage is free of charge for the first year. Coins may be purchased in any of 20 currencies or 8 cryptocurrencies, including AUD, EUR, CAD, SGD, NOK, SEK, PLN and others.

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