2022 Chinese Panda 30 Gram Platinum Bullion Coin

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1,106.47 EUR

Weight 30.000 Grams / 0.965 Oz
Serial Number No
Condition Uncirculated
Packaging Capsule
Manufacturer Chinese Mint


Newly released and uncirculated 2022 platinum Chinese Panda coins - 30 Gram platinum coins.

Design of the Platinum Panda Coin

The Platinum Panda coin was first released in 2005. However, the platinum coins were then not launched again until 2022. The Panda series was first launched in gold in 1982, 40 years ago. The coin was available in ounce denominations until 2016, when the denomination was updated to grams. The platinum Panda coin is currently available in two sizes - 1 gram and 30 gram.

The front of each coin features an image of the Temple of Heaven which is located in Beijing. At the bottom of the coin, its year of minting, 2022, is inscribed. The reverse side of each coin features an image of two pandas playing in the snow. The coin's face value of 1000 Yuan is located to the right of the pandas. These coins are 999 fine platinum bullion.

The 30 gram Platinum Panda coin has been issued in limited quantities. 10,000 coins have been struck, however 90% of these will be kept for the domestic market, and only 10% will be available to international buyers.

The Panda Series

The Panda series is issued annually by the Chinese Mint, which has branches throughout the country. It is the official precious metals coin issued by the People's Republic of China, and is available in gold, silver and platinum. The most common and popular sized coin is the 30 gram coin. These coins are sold in a capsule, which protects them from damage.

One unique feature of the Chinese Panda coin is that the image of the Panda is updated annually. That, and the fact that the coins are issued in limited quantities sometimes, has gained the Panda series a particularly popular following with coin collectors and numismatic investors. These facts have helped certain years of the Chinese panda coin to appreciate in value over time beyond the metal value of the coin.

SuisseGold.eu sells platinum Chinese Panda coins in both 1 gram and 30 gram sizes. Coins may be purchased for worldwide delivery. Coins may also be purchased VAT-free and stored in our secure vault storage facilities. Purchases can be made in any of 16 currencies via bank transfer, and in any of 8 Cryptocurrencies.

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