2024 Somalian Elephant 1 Ounce Gold Coin

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Brand new and uncirculated 2024 edition 1 ounce Somalian Elephant gold bullion coins.

999.9 fine quality investment-grade gold coins.

Description of the 2024 Somalian Elephant Gold Coin

Manufactured by the Bavarian State Mint under the authority of the Somali government, this gold coin proudly presents the Somalian coat of arms on its obverse. At its center, the shield showcases a solitary star, flanked below by dual palm leaves and outward-pointing spears. On either side of this shield, two leopards stand, holding it in place. The inscription 'Somali Republic' graces the top of the coin, while the year of minting, 2024, is meticulously engraved on both sides of the shield. Its face value of 1,000 Shillings is prominently displayed at the coin's base.

The reverse side of the coin depicts an African Elephant pulling leaves from a branch with its trunk. A powerful sun dominates the backdrop, with a solitary Baobab tree marking the horizon. At the coin's. top, the words 'African Wildlife' are inscribed. This Elephant coin is part of the African wildlife series released annually by Somalia. At the bottom of the coin, the word 'Elephant' is inscribed on its left, while its weight, purity, and metal specifications are on the right.

Details on the Somalian Elephant Series

Introduced in 2004, the 2024 Somalian Elephant gold coin celebrates its 20th release. The coin features a new image of an elephant each year, which adds to the coin's numismatic appeal and can increase its value over time.

The Somalian Elephant series is produced by the Bavarian State Mint, the oldest company in Bavaria, which has been in operation since 1180AD. Along with specialized bullion products, the mint is also produces Euro coins for the European Union.

The African Wildlife series features both an Elephant and a Leopard coin, and each is released with a new design every year. The coin series is available in gold and silver.

Purchasing Gold Somalian Elephant Coins from SuisseGold.eu

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