2024 British Britannia 1/2 Ounce Gold Coin - King Charles III

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Weight 15.552 Grams / 0.500 Oz
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Condition Uncirculated
Packaging Plastic Slip
Manufacturer Royal Mint


Brand new and uncirculated 2024 issue King Charles III ½ Ounce British Britannia Gold Bullion Coins.

999.9 fine investment grade gold bullion coins.

Design of the 2024 Issue ½ Ounce Britannia Gold Coin

The British Britannia gold coin still showcases the iconic image of Lady Britannia that has been a staple since 1986. The 2024 issue, however, features a portrait of His Majesty, King Charles III on the front. 2024 is the first full year that the series will depict the British Monarch.

At the coin's center, there's a distinct portrait of King Charles III. This image is encircled by the words ‘Charles III’ and the coin's denomination of £50.

On the coin's reverse, Lady Britannia stands majestically on Britain's coastline. In her right hand, she wields a trident, while her left carries both an olive branch and a shield adorned with the Union Jack. A wave pattern decoratively repeats in the background.

Surrounding Lady Britannia, the inscriptions include 'Britannia', the coin’s minting year, its weight at ½ oz, its purity, followed by 'fine gold'.

The Britannia series stands as a testament to 9999 fine gold craftsmanship, ranking among the purest coins on the market. This piece stands out as an investment-grade bullion coin.

Why Buy Royal Mint Britannia Coins?

A historic institution, the Royal Mint is among the most esteemed bullion mints globally, with a rich tradition spanning over a millennium. It played pivotal roles in the establishment of the Perth Mint in Australia and the Royal Canadian Mint in Canada during the British Empire's zenith. The globally recognized British Sovereign coin was a creation of refineries under the Royal Mint's banner.

Today, the Mint's creations uphold their position as some of the world's top-quality bullion coins. British Britannia gold coins, with their 9999 fineness, carry the backing of the United Kingdom government. For UK residents, these coins offer the dual advantage of being exempt from both VAT and capital gains tax. Being a preferred choice for many, they enjoy global recognition and popularity.

Buying Gold Britannia Coins through SuisseGold.eu

SuisseGold.eu offers British Britannia gold coins for global investors. Transactions can be facilitated in any of the listed 20 currencies or 8 cryptocurrencies. Clients can opt for worldwide delivery or VAT-free secure storage in Switzerland. Suisse Gold offers shipments to over 50 countries, including all of Europe and many countries in the Middle East and Asia. All orders placed for secure storage are VAT-free.

If you have British Britannia coins that you would like to sell, please contact us.

All purchases include free vault storage for a year from the date of purchase

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