British Double Sovereign Gold Bullion Coin

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Common Date British King/Queen Double Sovereign 22 Carat Gold Coin.

The double sovereign is issued by the Royal Mint annually. Each coin contains 15.98 grams of gold, or just over half an ounce. These gold coins contain 999 fine investment grade gold bullion.

The sovereign is the world’s most traded gold coin. The coin has been in circulation for several hundred years.

The Royal Mint initially introduced these coins under the British Empire. However, due to their gold content they were accepted worldwide. The British Sovereign gold coin was used as a means of currency around the world at British trading posts, including in India, Canada and Australia. Circulation of these coins was so popular that the Royal Mint set up satellite Mints in each of these countries in order to mint more sovereigns.

Today, these coins are regularly purchased by gold investors. In the United Kingdom these coins have special status – they are exempt from any Capital Gains Tax.

The Double Sovereign gold coin features an image of the reigning monarch at the time the coin was minted on one side, and an image of King George slaying the dragon on the other. The year of minting is located at the bottom of the coin.

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