2024 British Sovereign Gold Coin

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Manufacturer Royal Mint


Brand new and uncirculated 2024 King Charles III Gold Sovereign

Issued by the Royal Mint

22 Karat gold coins.

Design of the 2024 Gold Sovereign Coin:

The 2024 Gold Sovereign Coin introduces a significant redesign, heralding the reign of King Charles III. The coin's obverse is adorned with a distinguished portrait of King Charles III, symbolizing the dawn of a new era in the British monarchy. Surrounding his image, the inscription 'King Charles III' underscores the coin's historical significance.

On the reverse, the coin proudly features the timeless and dynamic image of Saint George slaying the dragon, a design steeped in British heritage and mythology. This classic depiction, resonating with tales of valor and courage, continues to captivate and inspire. The year of minting, 2024, is neatly engraved at the bottom, completing this iconic design that bridges tradition and modernity.

Notably, the gold Sovereign does not bear a legal tender value, a nod to its original worth of 1 Pound at inception. Each coin contains 7.3 grams of gold bullion

The History of the Gold Sovereign:

The gold Sovereign served as standard British currency from 1817 until the gold standard's end in 1932. During the British Empire, these coins were a global standard in trade, recognized for their intrinsic gold value. Today, the Sovereign is sought after for investment and collection, backed by the United Kingdom and renowned worldwide.

The Sovereign is available in full, half, quarter, and double Sovereign sizes, exclusively minted in gold. The full Sovereign remains the most popular among collectors. The Royal Mint, responsible for producing these coins, also mints other legal tender bullion like the British Britannia series in gold, silver, and platinum, along with special edition coins.

Why Invest in Gold Sovereigns:

Gold Sovereigns are highly favored by European investors, particularly in the UK, for their exemption from Capital Gains Tax on profits. Their global recognition, especially in Commonwealth nations, makes them an ideal choice for building a precious metals portfolio.

Suisse Gold sells gold Sovereigns for worldwide delivery and secure, VAT-free storage in Switzerland. Coins can be purchased in any of 20 currencies and 10 cryptocurrencies.

For more information or to view current gold prices per gram, please visit our website.

Each purchase includes complimentary insured storage in our vault for up to one year from the date of purchase.

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