100 Gram Cook Islands 10 Gram Silver Combi Bar

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Weight 100.000 Grams / 3.215 Oz
Serial Number No
Packaging Plastic Slip
Manufacturer Heimerle & Meule


100 Gram Cook Islands Silver 10 Gram Combi bar produced by Heimerle & Meule GmbH, 999 Fine

Each bar is made of 10 x 10 Gram Cook Islands Silver Bars, which may be broken off from each other.

Each 1 x 10 gram silver bar has a face value of 1 Cook Island Dollar.

The front of the bar features an image of Queen Elizabeth II, with the bar's face value. The reverse of the bar features the weight and fineness of each bar.

Heimerle & Meule, in connection with the government of the Cook Islands, produce this bar as 10 x 10 gram silver pieces, and also as 100 x 1 gram silver pieces.

These bars were designed during the economic crisis of 2011, so individuals can carry the bar around in their wallet, and break off pieces to use instead of cash if necessary.
Heimerle & Meule also produce a 1 KG Cooks Islands Coin bar in silver, which is one of the only silver bars available with a face value. 
Please contact us to sell Cook Islands silver bars.

Price includes transportation insurance or free vault storage for up to 1 year.

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