Munze Osterreich 250 Gram Gold Bar

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14788.17 USD

Weight 250.000 Grams / 8.038 Oz
Serial Number Yes
Manufacturer Argor Heraeus


Austrian Mint (Munze Osterreich) 250 gram 999.9 Gold Bullion Bar.

Each bar contains 250 grams of 999.9 fine investment grade gold bullion. The top of the bar features the Austrian Mint logo, followed by the bar's weight, fineness and finally serial number at the bottom.

Each bar comes with a matching assay certificate that guarantees the fineness and weight of pure gold.

The Austrian Mint sell a number of gold bars available for gold investors, ranging in sizes from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. All Austrian Mint gold bars are manufactured by Argor Heraeus on behalf of the refinery. 

Smaller sized Austrian Mint gold bars can also be purchased as kinebars, meaning that they contain a hologram on the back of the bar.

These bars sell at a low margin over the gold spot price, and are therefore popular with investors looking to buy gold in larger quantities.

Please contact our customer service department if you would like to sell Austrian Mint gold bars.

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Price includes free insured storage in our vault for up to one year from purchase date.

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