PAMP 1 Ounce Gold Lunar Year of the Rabbit Bar

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Weight 31.105 Grams / 1.000 Oz
Serial Number Yes
Packaging Certicard
Manufacturer PAMP


Brand new 9999 fine investment grade PAMP Suisse Gold Lunar Series 1 Ounce bars - Year of the Rabbit.

Special Edition gold Bullion bars issued by PAMP Suisse as part of the Chinese Lunar Calendar Series

Design of the PAMP Rabbit Bar

The PAMP Rabbit bar features a red certicard which is used on all PAMP Lunar series bullion bars. The colour red is the most popular colour in Chinese culture, and is also the country's official colour. The colour is used to represent fortune and luck. 

The front of each bar features an image of a Rabbit standing in a field. On his side is a basket filled with vegetables. He is holding a carrot in his front paws, and some butterflies can be seen in the background. The reverse side of the bar features the PAMP Logo and hallmark, the bar's serial number, weight and purity. Each bar contains 1 ounce of gold. The information contained on the bar is also included on the certicard. The certicard is used to protect the bar, as 9999 fine gold is quite soft and can be damaged easily.

The PAMP Lunar Series

The PAMP Lunar series is one of several bullion bar series available from PAMP Suisse. This series features the 12 animals that make up the Chinese Lunar calendar. Each year, a different animal features on the front of the bar. The PAMP Lunar series is available in gold, silver and platinum. The most popular size bar for this series is 1 Ounce, however, the gold bar is also available in a 5 gram size. The year of the rabbit is represents bounty and good fortune. It also represents prosperity. 

Other Products By PAMP Suisse

In addition to the PAMP Lunar series, PAMP Suisse also manufacture the Fortuna series, which is their most popular series. This series features an image of Lady Fortuna on the front. Lady Fortuna is the Roman goddess of fortune and prosperity. PAMP has always been at the forefront of the precious metals industry with their unique designs and concepts for the industry. PAMP Suisse was the first company to issue an artistic design on the front of a bullion bar. Other unique products issued by PAMP Suisse include their cast bar series, as well as the Rosa series, and their Faith series. 

How to Buy PAMP Gold sell a large range of PAMP gold bars. Series available include the PAMP Fortuna series, the PAMP Lunar series and the PAMP Faith series. PAMP cast bars are also popular for investors looking to buy PAMP gold in large amounts. Bars are available for delivery worldwide. Bars can also be stored in our secure vault storage facilities available in Switzerland, Canada or Singapore. Payment is accepted via bank transfer or cryptocurrency.

For further enquiries, please contact us.

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