Pamp 1 Ounce Palladium Bar

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994.01 EUR

Weight 31.105 Grams / 1.000 Oz
Serial Number Yes
Packaging Certicard
Manufacturer PAMP


Pamp Suisse 1 ounce 999.5 Palladium Bar.

Each bar contains one ounce of palladium that is guaranteed to be at least 99.95% pure palladium.

The 1 Ounce PAMP Fortuna Palladium Bar
The 1 Ounce PAMP Fortuna palladium bar is part of PAMP's Fortuna series, which is available in gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium. Each bar features an image of Lady Fortuna on the front of the bar. Lady Fortuna was the Roman goddess of good luck and prosperity. The reverse side of each palladium bar features the PAMP logo at the top, with the bar's weight, purity, and assay mark. At the bottom of each bar is its individual serial number. All PAMP Fortuna bars are sealed in a blue certicard, which helps prevent tarnishing or scratching. These bars contain 9995 fine investment grade palladium.
Why Buy PAMP Palladium Bars?
The PAMP Fortuna Palladium bar is the first palladium bar ever produced to feature an artistic image on one side. The bar is produced by the PAMP refinery in Switzerland. PAMP Palladium bars are manufactured in 1 Ounce and 10 Ounce sizes. In addition to palladium bars, PAMP also manufactures their famous PAMP Fortuna bar series in gold, silver, platinum and rhodium. The 1 Ounce PAMP Palladium bar is the most popular palladium bar sold. Each bar comes with an original matching assay certificate in the form of a certicard that guarantees the fineness and weight of the palladium bar.
The 1 Ounce PAMP palladium bar is an excellent option for palladium investors, as the bar carries a low premium relative to the palladium price, is easily resold, and is recognised worldwide. These bars are also beautifully designed.
Why Invest in Palladium?
Palladium has grown in popularity recently as an investment commodity. This is due in part to the increased interest in the precious metals market as a whole, and in part to the increase in the palladium price. Palladium is essential in the manufacturing of catalytic converters, which help to reduce automotive emissions. With the increased focus on reducing polution and carbon emissions, demand for palladium has increased significantly, driving up the price. Palladium is also very scarce, and almost all palladium available in the world is mined in Russia. Therefore, even small changes in the demand or supply of palladium can drive the price higher very quickly.
Other Products From PAMP Suisse
The Fortuna series is the only bullion series issued by PAMP that is available in palladium. However, the series is available in palladium in a wide range of sizes, ranging from 1 gram up to 10 ounces. PAMP issues a number of other series which are available in gold and silver - these include the PAMP Lunar Series, PAMP Multigram Series, PAMP Faith Series, and PAMP Rosa Series. PAMP Cast bars are also available in larger sizes.
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