Valcambi 50 Gram Combi Gold Bar

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Weight 50.000 Grams / 1.608 Oz
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Manufacturer Valcambi


Valcambi Suisse Combi Gold Bar - 50 gram Fine Gold 999.9.

The Valcambi 50 gram Combibar gold bar is comprised of 50 x 1 gram Valcambi gold bars, which break off of each other into individual pieces. The combibar was launched by Valcambi in 2011 in response to the Euro crises. These bars are designed to be broken off and used in place of fiat money in the event that the Euro collapsed. The Valcambi 50 gram gold combibar is a valuable investment product that is designed to offer flexibility and convenience to investors who want to add gold to their portfolio. This product is an excellent choice for those who prefer larger bars that can be easily divided into smaller pieces.

Design of the Valcambi 50 Gram Combibar

The Valcambi 50 gram gold combibar is a rectangular bar that can be easily divided into smaller pieces. The combibar is made up of fifty 1-gram bars that are held together by small hinges. Each of these 1-gram bars can be snapped off to provide smaller, more manageable gold pieces. The combibar is also designed with a unique grid pattern that makes it easy to snap off individual bars while ensuring that the remaining bars remain securely connected.

Technical Info and Specs

The Valcambi 50 gram gold combibar is made from 999.9 pure gold and has a weight of 50 grams. The bar measures 74 mm x 44 mm x 1.8 mm, making it larger than the 20 gram combibar. Each bar is also individually serialized and comes with a certificate of authenticity to guarantee its purity and authenticity.

What is a Combibar and How Does it Work?

A combibar is a unique investment product that allows investors to buy gold in small, divisible amounts. The combibar is essentially a large bar that is made up of smaller, 1-gram bars that can be easily snapped off. This means that investors can buy a larger bar and then divide it into smaller pieces as needed. The combibar is also a great way to ensure that investors always have access to small amounts of gold that can be easily traded or sold if needed.


Valcambi is a reputable manufacturer of gold bars and other precious metals products. The company is based in Switzerland and has been in operation for over 50 years. Valcambi is renowned for its high-quality products and innovative designs, including the combibar. Valcambi is one of Switzerland's leading refineries, and they produce precious metals products for investors worldwide. They also produce the range of gold and silver bars sold by Credit Suisse to bullion investors.

Investing in Valcambi Gold Bars

Investing in Valcambi gold bars is a smart choice for investors who want to diversify their portfolio and protect their wealth against market volatility. Gold is a trusted store of value that has been used as a currency and a symbol of wealth for thousands of years. Valcambi gold bars are a popular choice among investors because of their purity, quality, and innovative design.

Adding Gold to a Portfolio

Adding gold to a portfolio is a crucial step for investors who want to protect their wealth against inflation, currency fluctuations, and other economic uncertainties. Gold is a trusted store of value that has been used as a currency and a symbol of wealth for thousands of years. Adding gold to a portfolio can help to reduce overall risk and provide a hedge against market volatility.

Buying Valcambi Combibars from is a reliable provider of Valcambi gold bars and other precious metals products. The company accepts payments in 20 different currencies and 8 cryptocurrencies, making it easy for investors to purchase gold from anywhere in the world. also offers secure VAT-free vault storage and delivery to more than 50 countries worldwide, ensuring that investors can access their gold when and where they need it. With, investors can be confident in their investment choices and enjoy the benefits of owning one of the most trusted assets in the world.

The Valcambi combibar gold bar is available in 1 oz and 50 gram sizes. It is also available in silver, platinum and palladium.

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Price includes free insured storage in our vault for up to one year from purchase date.

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