VAT-Free 1 Kilogram Perth Mint Silver Bar

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Weight 1000.000 Grams / 32.151 Oz
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Manufacturer Perth Mint



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1 KG Silver Bar - Perth Mint

Fineness: 999 fine.

Design of the 1 Kilogram Perth Mint Silver Bar

These 1 kilogram Perth Mint silver bars are cast, not minted. The bars have a rough cast design, which is achieved by pouring liquid silver into a mould and then imprinting the bar's information on the top once it has cooled. The top of each bar features the Perth Mint logo, with the words 'The Perth Mint' and 'Australia' written around an image of a swan. The bottom of each bar features its weight of 1 kilogram, and its purity of 999. These bars do not come with a serial number stamped on them. 

The reverse of the bar has been left bare. Perth Mint silver bars are available in a range of sizes, including 1 Ounce, 10 Ounce, 1 Kilogram and 100 Ounce silver bars.

About the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is Australia's official mint, and is responsible for manufacturing all Australian coins in addition to its wide range of precious metals products. The mint manufactures bullion bars in both silver and gold. The mint also releases a wide range of bullion coins annually. These include the Kangaroo series, which is available in gold, silver, and platinum, and the Lunar series, which is released in gold and silver. The Koala and Kookaburra coins, which are equally popular, are available in silver in sizes ranging from 1/2 ounce up to 1 kilogram.

Perth Mint also produce a range of very popular silver coins, including the Kangaroo, Kookaburra and Koala silver coins. 

Why Buy 1 KG Silver Bars?

1 Kilogram silver bullion bars are the most popular sized bars available to investors. These bars sell for a significantly reduced premium to 1 ounce silver coins, due to the fact that their manufacturing costs are much lower. The 1 Kilogram sized bar is particularly popular in Europe, and it is common for European investors to purchase 20-50 1 kilogram silver bars at a time in order to take a larger position in the grey metal. 

Is Silver a Good Investment?

Silver is a great way to hedge against inflation, as the metal's price tends to go up during both periods of inflation and during periods of economic recession. However, there are a number of other industries that are also likely to positively impact the silver price in the longer term. These include silver's application in green energies, such as solar panels, and its increasing importance in the development of medical technologies. 

Clients looking to invest in silver may purchase the precious metal for worldwide delivery or for secure Swiss storage. Storage is VAT-free. Clients may purchase silver bars via bank transfer or via cryptocurrencies. Suisse Gold accepts 20 currencies, including Euros, Swiss Francs, Pounds Sterling and many others.

VAT-exempt silver is available for storage only. This particular listing is only for silver that is being purchased for storage. Additional fees will apply if requested for delivery at a later date.

Contact us to sell Perth Mint silver bars.

Price includes free insured storage in our vault for up to one year from purchase date.

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