VAT-Free 1 Kilogram Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar

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SKU 6310521046751
Weight 1000.000 Grams / 32.151 Oz
Serial Number Yes
Manufacturer Royal Canadian Mint



***If you are interested in ordering a 1 Kilogram RCM silver bar for delivery, then please click here.***

1 Kilogram Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bullion Bar

Each bar comes with an individual serial number.

99.99 fine silver bullion

Design of the 1 KG RCM Silver Bar

Each bar features an image of a Canadian Maple Leaf, with the Royal Canadian Mint logo encircling the image of the Canadian flag. Beneath the logo are the bar's weight, fineness and finally its serial number. The reverse side of the bar is left blank or has a repeating Maple Leaf image, depending on which version of the bar is supplied. These bars are beautifully designed, and very popular due to the high quality of minting used to make them. 

The Royal Mint recently introduced the 1 Kilogram silver bar in addition to its 10 Ounce and 100 Ounce silver bar, to target retail investors in Europe. These bars are particularly popular in Europe with investors who prefer to store their silver bars instead of taking delivery due to the fact that silver is charged VAT when delivered in Europe. 
Royal Canadian Mint Gold and Silver

The Royal Canadian Mint is most famous for producing the Maple Leaf coin, which is available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The Canadian Maple Leaf series is one of the best selling bullion coin series worlwide, and is one of very few available in all four precious metals. In addition to bullion coins, Royal Canadian Mint also produces both silver bars and gold bars, which are equally popular amongst precious metals investors. Royal Canadian Mint silver bars are sold at a lower premium to their silver coins, which makes them an attractive option to those looking to invest in silver. 
The Royal Canadian Mint has also designed their gold and silver bars specifically for investors. Products are available in a limited range of sizes. RCM silver bars are available in a 10 ounce, 1 kilogram and 100 ounce size. Gold bars in a 1 ounce, 10 ounce and 1 kilogram size.
The Royal Canadian Mint is the official mint of the government of Canada. In addition to its bullion bars and coins, it produces currency for the country. 
Secure Swiss Bullion Storage offers its clients the option to store silver bars VAT-free at its secure facilities in Zurich, Switzerland. VAT-free storage is available in Switzerland, Singapore or Canada. Silver storage is free of charge for the first year. At any point, clients may log into their account and select to sell their bullion back to, or request delivery. Payment is accepted in 20 currencies and 8 cryptocurrencies. Clients of Suisse Gold may access their account to trade bullion 24/7. 

VAT-exempt silver is available for storage only. This particiular listing is only for silver that is being purchased for storage. Additional fees will apply if requested for delivery at a later date.

To sell Royal Canadian Mint silver to, please contact us.

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Price includes free insured storage in our vault for up to one year from purchase date.

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