VAT-Free 1 Ounce Platinum Philharmonic Coin

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Weight 31.105 Grams / 1.000 Oz
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Packaging Plastic Slip
Manufacturer Austrian Mint



***If you are interested in ordering a 1 ounce platinum Philharmonic coin for delivery, then please click here.***

1 Ounce Platinum Philharmonic Bullion Coin 999.5 Fine. 

The Platinum Philharmonic Coin is a well-known and highly sought after coin produced by the Austrian Mint. Each coin contains 1 ounce of 999.5 fine platinum and comes with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its weight and purity.

Design of the 1 Ounce Platinum Philharmonic Coin

The Platinum Philharmonic Coin features an image of the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra on the reverse and the profile of the Great Organ of the Golden Hall in the Musikverein on the obverse. The weight, fineness, and the words "REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH" are engraved on the reverse. The Platinum Philharmonic Coin is legal tender with a face value of 100 euros, making it a unique investment option.

About the Austrian Philharmonic Coin Series

The Philharmonic coin series is released annually by the Austrian Mint. The series was first released in 1990 in gold, followed by a silver coin in 2008, and finally the platinum Philharmonic in 2016. It is the official bullion coin of Austria, and the only bullion coin series to feature a Euro denomination on it. The coin was designed to commemorate the country's rich musical heritage. The design of the coin honours the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra, which is one of the world's most famous orchestras. 

Buying VAT-Free Platinum Philharmonic Coins

Suisse Gold offers the Platinum Philharmonic Coin VAT-Free to all its clients, providing a low premium investment option with high liquidity. Clients of Suisse Gold have the option to store their coins in our secure, insured vault with 24/7 access to their portfolio through the 'MyVault' portal. Clients may also choose to request delivery of their coins or sell back to Suisse Gold at any time, with a guaranteed buyback of all precious metals in storage. No VAT is payable on platinum coins unless delivery is arranged.

VAT-exempt platinum is available for storage only. This particiular listing is only for platinum that is being purchased for storage. Additional fees will apply if requested for delivery at a later date.

Price includes free insured storage in our vault for up to one year from purchase date.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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