VAT-Free 1 Kilogram PAMP Silver Bar

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Weight 1000.000 Grams / 32.151 Oz
Serial Number Yes
Manufacturer PAMP



***If you are interested in ordering a 1 Kilogram silver bar for delivery, then please click here.***

Each bar comprises 1 kilogram of 999+ fine investment-grade silver bullion.

Design of the 1 Kilogram PAMP Suisse Cast Silver Bar

The top of each PAMP Suisse 1 Kilogram bar proudly displays the iconic PAMP logo. The letters 'P', 'A', 'M', and 'P' form four concentric circles, with the word 'Suisse' engraved just below. Directly beneath the logo lie details of the bar's weight, 1 kilogram, its metal composition, and its purity of 999 fine. Following the PAMP hallmark, you'll find the bar's unique serial number situated at the bottom. PAMP 1 KG silver bars are accompanied by both a serial number and a separate certificate.

The reverse side of the bar is intentionally left blank. These bars undergo a casting process, where liquid silver is poured into a mold and then imprinted with information once cooled. PAMP 1 Kilo silver bars are renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship, appealing not only to silver investors but also to collectors.

What is PAMP Suisse?

PAMP stands as one of Switzerland's foremost precious metals refineries, renowned for producing a variety of precious metals bars in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium that captivate precious metals investors. Headquartered in the Italian region of Switzerland, PAMP is among the largest privately owned precious metals refineries, wholly owned by MKS. The company offers a diverse range of bullion bars, including the PAMP Faith and Lunar series, the PAMP Rosa series, and the PAMP Fortuna series. Suisse Gold proudly offers the complete range of PAMP products available in gold and silver.

Why Buy PAMP Silver Bars?

PAMP enjoys a globally recognized reputation for quality and reliability in manufacturing bullion products. Their extensive range of available silver bars includes both minted and cast bars, spanning sizes from 1 gram silver bars to 100 ounce silver bars. Smaller-sized PAMP silver bars are securely sealed within a certicard, while larger bars come with a separate certificate. PAMP silver bars enjoy widespread popularity worldwide, with ounce denominations particularly favored in Asia and the Americas, while 1 Kilogram sized bars dominate the European market.

Suisse Gold offers VAT-free PAMP silver bars for worldwide delivery or secure storage in Switzerland. Clients can conveniently monitor their storage portfolio 24/7 through our online 'My Vault' platform. PAMP silver bars can be purchased using any of 20 currencies or 8 cryptocurrencies.

VAT-exempt silver is available for storage only. This particiular listing is only for silver that is being purchased for storage. Additional fees will apply if requested for delivery at a later date.

Please contact us to sell 1 kg PAMP silver bars.

Price includes free insured storage in our vault for up to one year from purchase date.


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