VAT-Free 100 Ounce PAMP Suisse Silver Bar

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Weight 3110.500 Grams / 100.005 Oz
Serial Number Yes
Manufacturer PAMP



***If you are interested in ordering a 100 Ounce PAMP Suisse silver bar for delivery, then please click here.***

Newly released uncirculated PAMP Suisse silver cast 100 Ounce silver bars.

Each bar contains 100 troy ounces of investment grade silver bullion manufactured by PAMP SA in Switzerland.

PAMP Silver Bars

PAMP is one of Switzerlands most prominent precious metals refineries and manufacture a number of highly popular silver bars - these include the silver Fortuna bar series and the silver Lunar series. PAMP also manufacture a cast or poured bar series, which is available in gold and silver in larger sizes only. This 100 ounce silver bars is a cast silver bar - the silver bullion is poured into a mould and the bars are then stamped. These bars have a frosted finish. This is the largest size silver bar currently manufactured by PAMP.

Design of the 100 Oz PAMP Silver Bar

Each PAMP 100 Ounce silver bar features the PAMP logo at the top of the bar. Beneath the logo is the bars weight of 100 troy ounces, the metal type, and the bar's fineness, which is 999.0. Finally, the PAMP hallmark is stamped at the bottom. Beneath the hallmark is the bar's serial number and the month and year of manufacture. These bars are poured, which gives them a slightly frosted finish. Each bar is sold sealed in a plastic protector, and they are also available in monster boxes of 5 bars (500 ounces total). The PAMP 100 Ounce silver bar is approved by the Comex, the LBMA and the SNB.

Why Buy 100 Ounce Silver Bars?

Many investors prefer 100 ounce silver bars over coins if they are looking to purchase larger amounts of silver bullion. 100 Ounce silver bars sell for a lower premium than silver coins, which makes the bars a more appealing investment option. Both silver bars and silver coins may be stored with VAT exempt, however if delivery is taken, than VAT is charged at 20% in Europe. 100 Ounce silver bars are the largest size silver bars available in the mainstream retail precious metals market to silver investors. This makes them a popular option. There are a number of other refineries that also manufacture a 100 ounce silver bar. These include the Royal Mint 100 Oz silver Britannia bar, the 100 Ounce Johnson Matthey silver bar, and the 100 Ounce Royal Canadian Mint silver bar. 

Storing 100 Ounce Silver Bars in Switzerland offers its clients VAT-exempt storage of silver bars from PAMP located in Switzerland. Clients who chose to store their 100 Ounce silver bars with may sell their items back to the company at any time, arrange collection, or request delivery of their purchase. Clients may make their purchase in any of 15 currencies. 

Please contact us to sell PAMP silver bars.

Price includes free insured storage in our vault for up to one year from purchase date.

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