2023 Platinum Bars and Coins

Buy brand new and uncirculated 2023 platinum bullion coins from SuisseGold.eu. SuisseGold.eu carries a wide range of 2023 platinum coins, including platinum Maple Leafs, 2023 platinum Britannias, Philharmonics, Kangaroos, American Eagles, and Krugerrands. Platinum 2023 coins are available in one ounce and fractional sizes.

Investing in 2023 Platinum Coins

Platinum is considered by many investors to be one of the most undervalued precious metals available. The white metal, which is critial in the manufacturing of catalytic converters for automobiles, helps to reduce noxious emissions. Platinum is also being used to develop many other, new technologies, including water purification and other green energy solutions. However, unlike silver platinum is very rare. In fact annual production of platinum is less than 3% of gold. This means that changes in demand for the metal can cause huge surges in the metal's price.

For this reason, it is prudent to add platinum to a precious metals portfolio, and SuisseGold.eu has a wide range of platinum bars and coins, including 2023 platinum coins. 

2023 Platinum Maple Leaf

The platinum Maple leaf is by far the most popular platinum coin available to investors today, and the 2023 version of the coin is no exception. These coins feature an image a of Canadian Maple Leaf, the national symbol of Canada. The front of each coin features an image of King Charles III, and this is the first year that the coin features His Majesty. Also inscribed on the coin are its year of minting, purity, and size. Platinum Maple laefs are available for worldwide delivery or VAT-free secure storage.

2023 Platinum Britannia

The Platinum Britannia coin was first released in 2018, making 2023 the coin's 6th year of release. However, this is the coin's first year featuring His Majesty King Charles III on the front. Each platinum Britannia coin has a legal tender value of £100 GBP, and is backed by the governmetn of the United Kingdom. 2023 Platinum Britannias are available in both one ounce and fractional sizes.

2021 Platinum Kangaroo

Like the Britannia, the platinum Kangaroo was also only recently released. The coin features a portrait of His Majesty on the front, and an image of an Australian Red Kangaroo on the reverse. These coins have a face value of 100 AUD, and are backed by the government of Australia. 2023 Platinum Kangaroo coins can be purchased individually or in wholesale quantities. 

2023 Platinum Philharmonic

The Platinum Philharmonic coin is a favorite amongst European investors. The coin honours the world famous Vienna philharmonic, with an image of the Vienna music hall on one side, and a composite of instruments used by the orchestra on the reverse. These coins were first released in 2016, and they feature the same design each year. These coins can be purchased for worldwide delivery or secure, VAT-free storage.

Investing in 2023 Platinum Coins Online

Suisse Gold carries a wide range of bullion product for its clients looking to buy platinum online. 2023 Plaitnum Coins can be purchased for worldwide delivery or for secure, VAT-exempt storage. Platinum, which is considered to be the most undervalued precious metal at the moment, should be added to any diversified portfolio that includes precious metals. Suisse Gold accepts payment for platinum coins via bank transfer in up to 20 currencies, or 8 cryptocurrencies.

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