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Current Market Update

2021 Platinum Coins

Buy Brand new and uncirulated platinum coins from SuisseGold.eu. Available 2021 platinum coins include platinum Philharmonics, platinum Britannias, platinum Maple Leafs, platinum American Eagles, and platinum Kangaroos. Platinum coins are all 2021 issue, minted with a minimum fineness of 999. VAT-exempt vault storage and delivery available.

Investing in Platinum Coins

Platinum coins have become and increasingly popular option for investors looking to buy platinum. Since 2016 a number of government mints have launched platinum coins, including the platinum Kangaroo, platinum Krugerrand, platinum Philharmonic and platinum Britannia. Investors have increasingly started to consider platinum and palladium as relevant options for a precious metal investment portfolio. Platinum prices do not correlate to the gold prices, however they do offer security during times of crisis and economic uncertainty, just like gold. Platinum coins are available individually, or in wholesale tubes and monster boxes.

Why Buy 2021 Uncirculated Platinum Coins?

Both current year and backyear platinum coins are available for investment. Generally, backyear platinum coins sell for a slightly reduced premium to the new 2021 issue platinum coins. However, there are a number of benefits to buying new coins over uncirculated coins. 

New platinum coins are issued directly from the mint, and are never purchased from the secondary market. As a result, they are also in much better condition, guaranteed not to have any marks or scratches on them, as they are uncirculated.

Government mints also keep making improvements to the design of their coins. For example, additional security features have been added to newer edition coins, such as the laser inscribed maple leaf on the Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf coin. The purity of some coins has also been improved. For example, the Maple Leaf was originally introduced as a 9995 platinum coin, however today current versions are made as a 9999 fine platinum coin. By buying new and uncirculated 2021 coins, investors can guarnatee that they have the most current, high quality product available.

Platinum 2021 Coins Available

British Platinum Coins

The Royal Mint in the United Kingdom started issuing its platinum Britannia coin in 2017, which was its first platinum coin that was readily available to platinum coin investors. That same year the Royal Mint also launched the Queen's Beasts coin in platinum. The Queen's Beasts series is a series of 10 coins, of which 2 are released each year. These are only available for a limited time. 

British Britannia and Queen's Beasts platinum coins are Capital Gains Tax exempt for UK residents, making them popular options for some investors. 

Canadian Maple Leafs

The Canadian Maple Leaf coin has been available as a platinum coin since the 1990s, however, there have been many improvements to its design and quality over time. These include an increase in its purity to 9999 fine, and improved security features, such as the laser maple leaf hologram to the right of the Maple Leaf Image. The platinum Maple Leaf is the most popular platinum coin available. 

American Eagles

The American Eagle platinum coin is the only platinum coin produced by the US Mint - it is the official platinum coin of the United States Government. Coins were previously minted in both ounce and fractional sizes, but the 2021 version is only minted in a 1 ounce size. These coins are available individually, in tubes, or in monster boxes for wholesale platinum investors. The American Eagle is one of the most well know platinum coins, and have been minted by the US government since 2009.

Austrian Philharmonics

The Austrian Philharmonic is a newcomer to the platinum market, making its debut in 2017. The Philharmonic was first released in gold in 1990, and was denominated in Schillings until 2000, when both the gold and silver Philharmonic were updated to show Euro denominations. Though new to the market, platinum Philharmonic coins have gained a followin among metal enthusiats, and are often purchased as part of a portfolio. They are the only platinum coin other than those minted by the Royal Mint to be issued within the European Union. 

Australian Platypus and Kangaroo Coins

The Perth MInt has released a number of different platinum coins over the years. Initially they released a platinum Kaola coin, which was discontinued in 2007 and rereleased as a silver coin. In 2011 the Perth Mint then introduced the Platypus, which was then replaced with the Kangaroo in 2017. The platinum Kangaroo and the platinum Lunar series coins are the only two platinum coins available from the Perth Mint as a 2021 edition. Both are also available in gold and in silver.