Monster Box - 2021 Silver 1 Ounce American Eagle Coin

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Вес 15552.500 граммов / 500.024 унция
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упаковка Пластиковая коробка
Manufacturer United States Mint


2021 1 Ounce American Eagle Silver Bullion coins
Monster box of 500 coins in brand new, unciruclated condition. 
Investing in Monster Boxes
Investing in silver monster boxes became popular with the Euro crisis of 2011, when individuals began putting significantly large amounts of money into precious metals out of concern for the future of the Euro. For clients looking to buy larger amounts of silver coins, the monster box is the best choice. Many governments issued silver coins available in monster boxes. The most popular include the American Eagles, the Canadian Maple Leafs and the British Britannias. Silver American Eagle Monster boxes are one of the most popular silver coins worldwide, including in North America and in Europe. Many investors prefer these coins as they are backed by the US government and have a legal tender value in US dollars.
A History of the SIlver American Eagle.
The American Eagle silver bullion coin was first launched in 1986, and was an instant success. Each coin has a legal tender value of $1 USD, and they are only available in the 1 ounce size. The United States Mint has several locations where these coins have historically been made, including Mints in San Francisco, West Point and Philadelphia. One interesting fact about the silver American Eagle is that all gold and silver coins produced by the US government are required to be made from gold and silver mined within the United States. 
Silver American Eagle coins have been in continuous production since 1986. However, at the time of the recession in 2008, there were significant shortages in Eagle coins due to increased demand. The mint had to temporarily suspend minting of these coins in order to adjust to increased demand. Mint sales of silver American Eagle coins peaked in 2015, with coin sales of 47,931,397 coins.  
Design of the Silver American Eagle
The design of the silver American Eagle coin was taken from the US Half Dollar coin, which was in circulation in the USA between 1916 and 1947. The coin features an image of Lady Liberty on the front, walking with the sun rising behind her. The word 'Liberty' is inscribed at the top of the coin. The year of minting of the coin, 2021, is located at the bottom of each coin. 
The reverse of the silver Eagle features the words 'United States of America' across the top, with an image of a Bald Eagle in the middle. The coin's face value of $1 USD, along with its weight and metal type are located at the bottom. Above the Eagle's head are 13 stars, representing the original 13 American colonies. 
We offer competitive buyback prices on silver Eagle monster boxes. If you have one that you wish to sell, please contact us for a quote.
Price includes free vault storage for one year from the date of purchase. Silver Eagles are available for VAT-exempt Swiss storage or for delivery. 

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