2021 Austrian Philharmonic 1 Ounce Silver Monster Box

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16,761.82 EUR

Вес 15552.000 граммов / 500.008 унция
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Состояние нераспространен
упаковка Пластиковая коробка
Manufacturer Austrian Mint


New 2021 Austrian Philharmonic 1 oz Silver .999 Fine box of 500.

Each coin contains one ounce of 999 fine investment grade silver bullion.

Each box contains 500 x 1 Ounce Silver Philharmonic coins, in 25 tubes of 20 pieces each.

Design of the 2021 Silver Philharmonic

The front of the silver Philharmonic coin depicts an image of a series of musical instruments used by the Vienna Philharmonic. The reverse of the coin features an image of the organ located in the famous Viennese concert hall. Beneath this image is the coin's weight, year of minting as well as the coin's face value. Each 1 Ounce silver Philharmonic coin has a face value of 1,50 EUR. 

The silver Philharmonic coin is produced by the Austrian Mint. The Austrian Mint produce the Philharmonic coin in gold, silver and platinum. The Austrian Mint also sell a range of gold and silver bars which are available to precious metals investors in Europe.

Philharmonic Monster Boxes for Sale

The silver Philharmonic coins are very popular for silver investors, particularly those looking to invest in silver within the EU. The monster box is a great way for individuals to invest in silver coins in larger quantities. Monster boxes of silver Philharmonics carry a lower premium than purchasing individual coins. Monster boxes of Silver Philharmonic can be purchased for VAT-exempt storage or for delivery.

Monster boxes grew in popularity as an investment option after the European financial crisis in 2010-2012. At this time, the demand for larger quantities of silver coins grew significantly. Many investors prefer silver coins over bars, due to their divisibility (they can be sold off in small increments if necessary), and the fact that they are backed by a governemnt with a legal tender value. 

VAT/MwsT Exempt Silver Purchases

SuisseGold.eu offers clients the option to purchase silver bullion coins for storage in Zurich, Switzerland. This option is especially popular with clients purchasing silver coins from countries with high VAT rates. While silver is in storage in Zurich, it has not been delivered, and therefore no VAT-is payable. Clients selecting VAT exempt storage may, at any time, select to have their coins delivered, or to sell them back to SuisseGold.eu.

Please contact us to sell silver philharmonics.

Price includes free insured storage in our vault for up to one year from purchase date.

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