500 x 1 Ounce 2023 British Britannia Silver Coin - King Charles III

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Вес 15552.500 граммов / 500.024 унция
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упаковка Пластиковая коробка
Manufacturer Royal Mint


1 Ounce 2023 issue silver Britannia bullion coins

Monster box of 500 coins - 20 tubes of 25 coins each.

King Charles III edition.

Design of the 2023 King Charles III Silver Britannia Coin

The 1 Oz 2023 silver Britannia coin is a newly released coin featuring His Majesty’s portrait.

The coin’s front features King Charles III in a portrait newly released by artist Martin Jennings. Surrounding his face are the coin’s face value of £2 Pounds Sterling, and the words ‘King Charles III’. 2023 is the first year that the Britannia series features His Majesty on the coin, and it is the only year that a Britannia coin has not featured Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The reverse side of the coin features a depiction of Lady Britannia walking on the shores of Britain. She carries a trident in her right hand, and an olive branch with a shield in the other. On the face of the shield is the Union Jack. Surrounding her image are the coin’s weight of 1 ounce, its purity of 9999, and the word’ Britannia’, as well as the metal type.

History of the Britannia Coin Series

The Britannia coin was first released by the Royal Mint in gold in 1986, in both 1 ounce and fractional ounce sizes. The coin quickly became a staple favourite of British and European investors. In 1996 the series was launched in silver, and in 2016 it was launched in platinum. The coin is the UK’s staple bullion coin series, and it is also their most popular bullion coin.

Although Lady Britannia first featured on gold bullion coins in 1986, her conception is much older. Lady Britannia first featured on Roman coinage in around 50AD, during a period when Britain was part of the Roman Empire. Her image is meant to represent the strength and protection of Britain, and she has come to be known as the protectorate of Britain. She has appeared on a number of British coins since that time.

In addition to the Britannia coin series, Lady Britannia also features on a range of gold, silver, and platinum bars issued by the Royal Mint. The Royal Mint issued the bars in response to the overwhelming popularity of the Britannia coin series.

Buying Wholesale Silver Britannia Coins

The Britannia coin is one of the most popular silver bullion coins worldwide, and for good reason. The coin is produced by the Royal Mint. At more than 1000 years old, the Royal Mint is one of the oldest mints in the world. The Britannia coin is available at wholesale rates to clients who wish to purchase the silver coins in larger quantities. Monster Boxes of Britannias are beneficial, as the coins can be sold off incrementally over time, allowing an investor greater control over his portfolio. Silver monster boxes can also be purchased VAT-free from SuisseGold.eu, by selecting vault storage instead of delivery when your order is placed. Orders kept in storage are exempt from any VAT.

Buying Silver Britannia Coins from SuisseGold.eu

SuisseGold.eu sells silver Britannia coins to clients worldwide. Silver 2023 Britannia coins are available individually, in tubes of 25 coins, and in monster boxes of 500 coins. Coins may be purchased in any 20 currencies. Worldwide delivery is available to more than 50 countries, and storage in Switzerland is available on all orders. Storage is VAT-free and clients can manage their storage holdings 24/7 via the ‘MyVault’ client portal when logged into their SuisseGold.eu account.

Please contact us if you have silver Britannia coins you wish to sell.

Price includes free vault storage for one year form the date of purchase.


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