Live Metal Prices / oz
Gold: 1961.71 USD
Silver: 23.67 USD
Platinum: 1004.50 USD
Palladium: 1416.00 USD
Rhodium: 6550.01 USD

About Suisse Gold

Suisse Gold Limited operates as an online bullion dealer, providing its clients with the following services. 

Bullion Purchase for Delivery:

We offer clients the option to order bullion for delivery. This service is currently available to most countries in Europe and all major banking centers in Asia. We try to extend delivery to everyone, however our insurance policy will not cover all countries. Please click here for bullion delivery information.

Allocated Bullion Storage:

For clients who are unable to take delivery of their orders for security purposes, or for those who do not wish to pay the VAT on their purchase, we offer allocated bullion storage in The United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Hong Kong. Clients who wish to store their bullion can manage their account through our ‘My Vault’ technology. This allows clients to view, ship and sell their holdings online.

Bullion Buy Back:

We offer a minimum of 90% of the underlying live market spot price sold back to us directly from vault storage . Payment is settled directly back to the client’s account. This offers the client the possibility to securely maintain physical bullion as an offshore liquid asset or currency / inflation hedge. Bullion storage arranged through Suisse Gold is fully insured. 

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