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Gold: 2175.03 EUR
Silver: 27.94 EUR
Platinum: 948.29 EUR
Palladium: 903.61 EUR
Rhodium: 4982.38 EUR

Buy Gold and Silver with United States Dollars (USD)

Clients of may purchase gold and silver using United States Dollars (USD). All clients of may choose to purchase gold, silver, platinum, palladium or rhodium bars and coins, and pay for their purchase using US Dollars (USD). Payments are accepted via bank transfer only. We do not accept credit card payments. 

How to Buy Gold and Silver Using US Dollars (USD)

In order to buy bullion using USD, please follow the below instructions:

1. Please set you default currency to 'USD' on the top of the website. You may do this via the dropdown menu which is located to the right of the search bar. Once you have selected 'USD', all of the website's pricing will default to American Dollars using current exchange rates. Gold and silver bars and coins will now be priced in USD. You will also need to select your country, which is located to the right of the currency option. Please also note that the website is defaulted to English, however it is also available in a number of other languages including French and Spanish. In order to switch languages, please select from the dropdown menu at the top of the main page.

2. Next, please select the items you wish to purchase. When you have finished selecting your products, please click 'checkout'. During the checkout process, you will be asked to select if you would like your goods stored in vault storage or delivered. 

3. Once your order has been completed, you will be provided with the transfer instructions to arrange payment in US Dollars. 

4. Clients are given 2 business days to arrange payment. We are aware that payments do sometimes go through third party accounts, and therefore can take longer while in transit. Once your payment has been received, your order will be marked as 'processing'.

5. You will be updated and your order moved to complete when your order has either shipped or been allocated into vault storage. 

Delivery of Gold and Silver to US Citizens and Residents

SuisseGold.eudoes not currently offer bullion delivery to the United States, however delivery is available worldwide to other countries. Payments in United States Dollars are common in many parts of the world, including the Middle East, and accepts USD payments for orders shipping worldwide. To view a complete list of countries that we offer bullion delivery to, please click here.  For some locations, delivery is not possible. This is due to high rates of postal theft, government restrictions, or insurance limitations. For clients residing in these countries, our complete vault storage service is also available. 

Bullion accounts for American citizens are no longer available due to compliance reasons.

Secure Swiss Gold and Silver Storage for Clients Buying Bullion in USD

For clients who do not wish to accept delivery, or who do not wish to pay VAT on their gold or silver purchases, offers a comprehensive bullion vault storage program. Bullion is stored in Switzerland in a secure facility, and is VAT-exempt. Clients may buy, sell and manage their bullion holdings using our exclusive 'MyVault' technology. offers a guaranteed buyback service on all bullion that is stored in our vaults. Clients may also select to have their bullion delivered at a later date, or to collect it by appointment. 

Bullion investing is popular worldwide, and this includes's delivery service and vault storage service. works hard to offer a comprehensive bullion service to its clients around the world, and this includes a range of payment currency options and delivery services.

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