Heraeus Kinebar

Buy Heraeus Kinebars in sizes ranging from 1 gram to 1 Ounce from Suisse Gold. The Kinebar features a laser hologram on the back of the bar, which verifies the bars authenticity. Heraeus gold Kinebars are available for Swiss storage or delivery.

Heraeus refining was started in 1851 when Wilhem Heraeus's father passed his apothecary shop down to him. Wilhem entered the refining business by innovating how platinum was smelted, and his revelations impacted not only the Heraeus company but the bullion industry as a whole. Today, Heraeus is still family-owned, and the company is known worldwide as Germany's top refinery.

Why Buy Heraeus Kinebar Gold Bars

Heraeus is one of the most reputable brands in terms of security. Heraeus is one of the oldest and most reputable bullion refineries in Germany. Their bullion products are made to some of the highest standards in the industry. 

Heraeus Gold Kinebars

The Heraeus product that stands out the most is the company’s gold Kinebar. A Kinebar is a minted gold bar like most others. It’s pristine, made with a lot of attention to detail and the finest production methods. However, the back of a Kinebar sets it apart.

Each bar features a hologram that is inscribed with a laser on the back. These holograms are highly detailed, and almost impossible to replicate. These holograms make the Kinebar far more secure against counterfeiting and this makes them easier to sell at a later date.

Heraeus manufactures gold Kinebars in a range of smaller sizes up to 100 grams. Each bar contains 9999 fine investment grade gold. Like other mint bars, the Kinebar contains all of its identifying information on the front.

Heraeus is not the sole producer of their Kinebars. The bars are made by Argor-Heraeus; a joint venture between Argor, one of the largest Swiss refineries, and Heraeus. However, Heraeus also wholly owns Argor-Heraeus, the Swiss based refinery. 

Other Bullion Products from Heraeus

Kinebars issued by Heraeus are part of a joint venture with Argor-Heraeus, who owns the kinebar patent. 

Heraeus also manufactures the following gold bars:

  • Cast Bars: These are bars that are poured into molds after the metal is smelted, and then the metal is allowed to cool in the mold. The results aren't as detailed as the finish on a minted bar, but they sell at a reduced premium, and this makes them more attractive for investors trying to minimize buying costs and invest solely in a bar's gold value.
  • Mint Bars: Heraeus's minted gold bars have the same design as the Heraeus Kinebars, without the hologram on the back. These bars each come with their own serial number and are sealed in a certicard.

Investing in Gold Bars

Investing in gold bars is key to maintaining a diversified portfolio. Suisse Gold makes it easy to invest in gold bars from Heraeus and other highly sought-after brands by accepting 15 global currencies, and offering secure vault storage or delivery. 

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