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PAMP Suisse Cast

Buy PAMP Cast gold bars in sizes ranging from 50 grams to 1 Kilogram. The PAMP Cast gold bar is very popular amongst precious metals investors. Each bar features a unique serial number, and is sold with a matching certificate.

PAMP Cast gold bars are available in gold and in silver, in larger sizes. For example, silver cast bars are available in 1 Kilogram and 100 Ounce sizes. PAMP Gold bars are also available in larger sizes, starting from 50 gram gold bars. Part of the reason they are available in larger sizes only has to do with the technique used to manufacture these bars. These bars are made by pouring gold into a mould and then imprinting the bar's information on the top.

These gold bars feature the PAMP logo at the top of each bar, with each bar's weight, fineness and finally the PAMP hallmark located beneath. At the very bottom of each bar is its own unique serial number. The reverse side of the bar is left blank. These bars come with a separate certificate, which confirms their authenticity and their serial number.

Buying PAMP Gold

PAMP is one of the most famous names in the precious metals industry. Based in the southern part of Switzerland just north of Italy, PAMP has been at the forefront of refining and manufacturing precious metals in Switzerland for decades now. PAMP gold is recognised worldwide as a brand, and it is sought after for its high quality and purity. All PAMP cast gold bars contain a fineness of 9999. 

In addition to the PAMP cast series, PAMP retails a number of other popular ranges of gold bars. These include the PAMP Lunar Series, the PAMP Faith Series and the PAMP Fortuna Series. 

PAMP gold bars can be purchased in any of 15 currencies and several cryptocurrencies, and are available for storage or delivery.