Valcambi Gold Bars

Buy Valcambi gold bars in all sizes from 1 Gram to 1 Kilogram. Valcambi gold bars are most popular amongst gold investors in 1 Ounce and combibar sizes. Valcambi gold bars are available for secure vault storage or worldwide delivery.

Why Buy Valcambi 

Valcambi is one of Switzerland's most prominent and renowned precious metals refineries, located in the south of the country. It first opened its doors in Ticino in 1961, and has been refining precious metals ever since. Switzerland does not mine any precious metals itself. Instead, many countries around the world export their bullion to Switzerland to be refined. Switzerland is known for the quality of the metals they refine, and their products are in demand worldwide. 

From 1967 until 2003, Valcambi SA was wholly owned by Credit Suisse, Switzerland's largest investment bank. During this period private investing into precious metals became hugely popular, and many countries began to release their own range of retail precious metals products. Credit Suisse and UBS were the first two banks to release their own range of bullion products, which were available to their clients. Credit Suisse launched a range of gold, silver, platinum and palladium bars, which became very popular in the 1980s, and have remained popular since then.

All Credit Suisse bars have a Valcambi hallmark at the bottom of them, confirming that the bars are manufacured by Valcambi SA on behalf of the bank. 

In 2003 Credit Suisse sold their share of Valcambi, however Valcambi continues to manufacture bars for the bank.

Valcambi also manufacture their own range of bullion bars, which are available in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. 

Popular Valcambi Gold Bars

Minted Valcambi Gold Bars

Valcambi gold bars are very popular. They are recognised worldwide and sell at a low premium over spot, which makes them a very good option for precious metals investors.

The most popular sized gold bars issued by Valcambi are the 1 Ounce gold bar and the 100 gram Valcambi gold bar. 1 Ounce gold bars are popular with investors in North America, the United Kingdom and worldwide. The 100 gram size bars are popular with investors located within the EU. Investors in Europe normally prefer to purchase gram denominated gold bars over ounces. 

Cast Valcambi Gold Bars

Valcambi also release a range of cast gold bars, which are available in larger sizes, ranging from 50 grams up to 1 kilogram. Liquid gold is poured into a mould and then stamped with the bar's weight, purity, and the Valcambi hallmark. Cast gold bars are sold with their own separate certificate, confirming the information on the bar. 

Valcambi Combi Bars

Valcambi combibars were released in 2011-2012, in responseto the European financial crises at the time. The idea of these bars is that they are designed to fit in the credit card slot of a wallet, and can be broken off to make purchases in an emergency situation. They were initially launched in silver only, but were very popular and were quickly released in gold, platinum and palladium as well. These bars have a following with investors, and are popular both for investing and for gifts.

Credit Suisse Gold Bars 

Credit Suisse gold bars are manufactured by Valcambi. However, today they are readily available in 1 ounce and 10 ounce sizes only. Other sizes can be purchased, however they are less common. 

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