Investment Gold Coins

Buy investment gold coin, including 1 ounce gold coins as well as fractional sized gold coins. Investment gold coins include brands like South African Krugerrands, American Eagles, British Britannias, Canadian Maple Leafs, Australian Kangaroos, Austrian Philharmonics, and others. Invest in gold coins for delivery or secure Swiss storage. Investment gold coins are sold with a low premium, targeting clients who are buying gold coins purely for investment purposes over the brand or design of the coin. 

Investment gold coins can be purchased individually or in multiples of 10. 

Why Buy Gold Coins?

Investing in gold coins is very popular worldwide. Gold coins act as an excellent hedge against inflation and against economic downturn. All investment grade gold coins have a minimum fineness of 999, making them at least 22 karat coins. 

  • Inflation Hedge: Overtime, governments tend to be quite bad at balancing their books, and tend to print additional money in order to cover their expenses. This causes the purcahsing power of the currency they print to be reduced. This is called inflation. $10 today will buy much less than $10 would 20 years ago. Gold, however, does not lose its purchasing power over time. This is why the value of gold tends to go up. Actually, the purchasing power of gold remains the same. Instead it is the Dollar, Euro, and other fiat currencies that lose value instead.
  • Recession Hedge: Stock markets are fairly predictable. They go up during periods of market growth, and go down during periods of recession or depression. However, during periods of recession, markets can respond quickly and violently, and stocks can easily lose 40-50% of their value. Owning gold coins helps to hedge against this. As the value of gold goes up during periods of recession, this can help to buffer the overall value of a portfolio while minimizing the losses. This is the reason why diversifying a portfolio is recommended. 

Gold is unique in its ability to hedge against inflation and recession. However, gold is also unique in its tangibility. Unlike stocks and bonds, which exist solely as a number on a computer screen, gold is a tangible investment you can hold and use as currency if necessary. This offers further reassurance to investors. 

Why is Investing in Gold Popular?

Gold gains value while other areas of the economy lose value. This gives gold investors the ability to constantly preserve or build wealth over time.

Therefore, owning gold as part of a portfolio is important. However, other precious metals, such as silver, platinum, and palladium should also be considered. The key is to constantly grow via diversification.

Gold Coin Delivery and Storage

Suisse Gold offers clients the option to invest in investment grade gold coins. These coins are priced at the lowest possible premiums based upon our excess inventory for clients who wish to buy gold coins solely based on their premium. These investment gold coins are an excellent way to build a bullion portfolio.

Clients of Suisse Gold can invest in gold coins easily. Payment is accepted in 20 currencies and 8 cryptocurrencies.  Investment gold coins are available for worldwide delivery and secure Swiss vault storage. 


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