Austrian Silver Coins

Buy the 1 Ounce silver Austrian Philharmonic coin that is produced by the Austrian Mint. The 1 Ounce Silver Philharmonic is the only silver coin produced by the Austrian Philharmonic, however it is very popular with silver investors, particularly silver investors located in Europe. Silver Philharmonics are available for worldwide delivery and for storage in Switzerland.

Types of Silver Coins Issued by the Austrian Mint

The Philharmonic

By far the most prominent and popular silver coin produced by the Austrian Mint is the silver philharmonic coin. This coin is available in the 1 Oz size only, but is available as a single coin, in a tube of 20 pieces, and in a monster box of 500 coins. These coins were first released in 2008, and quickly became a bestseller in Europe. They feature the same design as the gold Philharmonic coin, which was first released in 1990. The gold Philharmonic was originally released in Schillings, but this was updated to Euros in 2000 when Austria adopted the Euro. The silver Philharmonic has always been denominated in Euros.

Each coin features an image of the Viennese Philharmonic concert hall, in honour of the famous Philharmonic that play there. The Philharmonic coin was also introduced in platinum in 2016. To date, the Austrian Mint has not released a palladium philharmonic. The silver Philharmonic is the only silver coin to be issued in Euros by a European government. 

The Thaler

In 2018 the Austrian Mint also released the Mother Theresa Thaler coin. This coin is a replica of the original Thaler coin that was circulated in Austria in the 1700s. Unlike the Philharmonic, this coin is less than 1 Ounce, and weighs just over 23 grams. 

The Thaler coin is more of a collector's coin than an investment coin, as it is sold for a significant amount over the silver spot price. However, these are very beautiful coins, and many investors like to add several of these coins to a collection. The Thaler coin was in circulation in Austria until the mid-1800s. The reverse of each coin features the Imperial Austrian Crown, similar to the gold Ducat range. Though these coins were used as legal tender only until 1858, they were recognised in Africa for almost 100 years more, due mostly to their silver content. 

Investing in Austrian Silver

Silver coins from the Austrian Mint are popular worldwide, but particularly with European investors, or European expats living abroad. These coins are commonly bought in monster boxes, and stacked into Swiss silver storage in order to avoid paying VAT upon delivery. Many silver investors like to purchase several tubes of silver coins each month, in order to build up a large portfolio over time. 

Investing in Silver Coins 

Silver has been a popular investment option for a long time. The metal has been used in coinage for hundreds of years, and is recognised for its spot metal price. It has a liver market price that is traded in international markets, and investors feel comfortable that they may buy and sell silver freely, without bureaucratic interference. Silver prices vary hugely, from lows around $8 / ounce to highs of $50 / ounce. Many investors feel there is signficiant upside potential in silver prices going forward, and that it is worthwhile including in a precious metals portfolio. 

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