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Buy silver coins produced by the Royal Mint in England. Current year and back year silver British Britannias and British Queen's Beasts silver coins are both available for VAT-free Swiss storage or delivery.

Buying Royal Mint British Silver Coins

Silver is now one of the most valuable precious metals in the world. This is because, in addition to its intrinsic value, the metal continues to appreciate against fiat money. The metal's demand also continues to increase with increased alternate energy applications, including the manufacturing of solar panels. offers its clients the opportunity to purchase some of the most popular and well-known silver coins in the world, including the ever-popular silver Britannia coin from the Royal Mint. clients some of the most well-known silver coins in the world, including the world-famous Royal Mint silver bullion coins.

British Silver Britannia Coins

These coins, which are the official precious metal coin of the government of the United Kingdom, depict a picture of the Roman goddess Britannia, who protected the British Isles at the time of the Roman Empire. The Britannia series was Introduced in silver in 1997. Initially these coins were made of 0.958 fine silver but are now made entirely of 0.999 pure silver. Each coin has the following features:

  • Coins are sold individually, in plastic tubes of 25, or in a 500-coin monster box. 
  • All coins are 22 karat, or 999 fine.
  • Each 1 Ounce silver coin has a face value of two pounds sterling (GBP).

Since its debut in 1997, British Silver Britannia coins have had the same design principles on both sides of the coin. The program has seen just one alteration throughout its history, with the addition of a new picture of Queen Elizabeth II to the coin's reverse side. 

Additional information includes the following:

The newest picture of Queen Elizabeth II appears on the obverse of all British Silver Britannia Coins. Her Majesty's effigy is periodically altered to reflect her current throne age. Jody Clark's new design premiered on 2016 Royal Mint coins, commemorating the Queen's sixth-generation portrayal.

On the reverse of the British Silver Britannia is a representation of the goddess Britannia, who is renowned as Britain's protector. She is pictured standing along the island's southern shore, holding her trident with one hand and a shield in the other to protect the country bearing the Union Jack emblem.

Along with the standard-issue Silver Britannia coins, the Royal Mint also offers silver bullion with distinctive designs from this collection.

Royal Arms Coin Series

The British Royal Arms Series, which was launched in 2019, is a highly purposeful and straightforward portrayal of the Crown. The Royal Arms, which are worn by England's king, is a clear depiction of the monarch and monarchy. The very first formal Royal Arms of England were chosen in 1198 by Ruler Richard I, the second Plantagenet king.

The Three Lions were the kingdom's exclusive royal arms until other countries fell under the kingdom's influence or outright rule. Throughout history, motifs symbolizing France, Ireland, and Scotland have been integrated into the shield's ever-evolving variants.

British Valiant Coin Series

The Valiant Series is another 2019 premiere from the Royal Mint of England. The story of St. George and his fight with a dragon is one of the famous stories of Medieval England. Saint George's narrative is not unique to England; it has been repeated across continental Europe since the Middle Ages.

As a consequence, the narrative has numerous variants, although the majority revolve around a basic theme. St. George learns about a kingdom that is being held hostage by a terrible, winged dragon. Daily, the dragon has demanded a sacrifice of virgin ladies from the hamlet. In exchange, he will refrain from destroying the town.

Eventually, the hamlet is reduced to the king and Queen's daughter. St. George appears at this point of stress. He offers to ride out and confront the dragon in order to avert the princess's death. He is reported to have slain the dragon with his sword.

The Valiant offers 1oz silver with an additional 10 oz version of silver after the first weight.

Silver Queen's Beast Series

Queen Elizabeth II was coronated as Queen of England in 1953. At the ceremony stood 10 sculptures created by James Woodford RA. Creatures represented included the Unicorn of Scotland, the Lion on England, the Red Dragon of Wales, and others. 

The British Queen's Beast collection was launched in 2016, is an intriguing alternative for people wishing to purchase silver. The 2 oz bullion coins in this series contain.9999 pure silver and have a face value of £5 (GBP). They are the Royal Mint's first production of a 2 oz bullion coin. The series contains ten designs, each of which has a 2 oz silver coin, as well as a 1 oz gold coin.

The Royal Mint's British Silver Queen's Beast Coins are among the first to bear Her Majesty's current effigy, Queen Elizabeth II, on the obverse face. The designs are by Royal Mint engraver Jody Clark, who became the youngest Royal Mint engraver to produce an effigy of the Queen for British currency when she was only 33 years old.

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