Niue Silver Coins

About the Niue Owl Series:

The Niue Owl, or the Athena Owl series as it is otherwise known, is a coin with roots tracing all the way back to ancient Greece. Of course, the modern version is a bit more refined, but the inspiration is clearly present in the modern artistic depiction.

On the obverse of the 1-ounce Athena Owl, you’ll find the Niue Owl surrounded by a crescent moon, a tree branch, AOE, and the identifying markings for fine silver and the coin’s weight. On the reverse, Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait is engraved, and the rest of the coin’s identifying information is present.

Notably, this is one of the few coins made with a stackable design in mind. The outer rim of the coin is grooved to allow you to easily stack countless Niue Athena Owl coins on top of each other when out of their sealed packaging. This makes storage of a multitude of 1-ounce coins extremely easy.

All silver Niue Athena Owl coins are made from 999 fine silver, and the 1-ounce option is the most sought-after among investors from around the globe.

These coins are issued by the government of Niue, with a face value of 2 NZD each.

Buying Silver as an Investment:

Buying silver online the perfect way to balance a portfolio. Other precious metals, such as gold, gain value when the economy is bad, and they remain stagnant during positive economic times. So, if your entire portfolio is comprised of gold, it will be stagnant much of the time.

Silver increases in value in reverse. When the economy is good, it gains value. When it’s bad, it maintains its value.

Silver is also more accessible for investors with less capital to invest.With a silver coin costing between €20 and €40, the barrier to entry is accessible to a large range of investors. 

Silver’s Demand as an Investment:

Investing in silver is key to maintaining a well-rounded portfolio.

Because of that, silver is in extremely high demand by investors and collectors alike. Investors will often invest in silver for its value per weight as a precious metal, but they'll also consider various specialty bullion options due to the added collectability of such pieces.

The high demand for silver can cause volatility in the metal's price, but this is something that savvy investors can benefit from.  


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